In someone’s darkness, I’ll be their light
Embodiment of hope, shinning blissfully bright.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.

I’ll lend my shoulder to someone’s helpless cry
To reduce their agony, I’ll sincerely try.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.
In depression, I’ll offer them my helping hand
Even in hell with them I’ll stand.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.

I’ll wipe the burning bitter tears from their face
I’ll hold them in my caring embrace.
In their sadness, I’ll give them a reason to smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life. 

Materialistic morons, measure richness through cash & cars
While I measure it based on kindness of our hearts.
With kindness, be a miracle in someone’s life
Gift the crying, A smile as big as river Nile.



Note: We all beg for miracles every now & then, but a miracle in my estimation isn’t some illusive power coming to our rescue, emerging out from the heavens. A miracle can even be a small act of humanity. Filling a depressed heart with an optimistic hope, that is a miracle! Wiping tears & making a depressed person smile, that is a miracle! In this materialistic world, valuing the happiness of others over your own happiness, that is a miracle! So this poem aims to inspire my readers by capturing the key elements of humanity. Try & be someone’s miracle, rather than begging for a miracle for your own self  I assure you by doing so this world would be a better place to live 🙂  



Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

Sometimes in life, we get caught up in the wicked vicissitudes of the materialistic world  that we forget the importance of our individual creativity & imagination. It is at this juncture in life that we must close our eyes on the outer world in order to connect with the world that resides within us (our personal creativity). Yes hard-work is important in life , but one must not be so caught up with reality that he/she loose their ability to imagine & embrace the creativity that resides within them.

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

My heart holds an imaginary ecstasy,
I explore a world which seems like a fantasy.
In my world i love to explore
To discover something new, is what i adore.

People think that I day dream
while my mind continues to flow like a stream
The world regards me helplessly insane
As I continue to  wander in my fantasy lane.

To the world this dreamer has one advice,
That imagination can be a blissful paradise
So close your eyes, in order to see
realize, how glorious your imagination can be.

Don’t let the materialistic world corrupt your originality
Let your creativity nurture your personality.
Fly freely in the realm of time,
Enjoy your fantasy in it’s prime.