A Hopeful Heart

There comes a time when everyone feels a bit lonely & yearns for that special someone in their life, who could light up their lives. So this poem highlights that hope for that special someone. 

A Hopeful Heart

Forgotten by the world, I here sit alone
With my heart motionless like a stone.
My isolated heart  has an ambition
To be at your feet is it’s sole mission.

Someday to be yours’, it aspires
To be loved by you is what it desires
As sure as the river meets the sea
Someday in your arms my heart shall be.

That glorious moment fate shall dictate
Till that day my heart shall wait.
My isolated heart beats again, in your memory
Thinking that our union shall be something exemplary.

mans cupped hands showing red heart


Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

Sometimes in life, we get caught up in the wicked vicissitudes of the materialistic world  that we forget the importance of our individual creativity & imagination. It is at this juncture in life that we must close our eyes on the outer world in order to connect with the world that resides within us (our personal creativity). Yes hard-work is important in life , but one must not be so caught up with reality that he/she loose their ability to imagine & embrace the creativity that resides within them.

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

My heart holds an imaginary ecstasy,
I explore a world which seems like a fantasy.
In my world i love to explore
To discover something new, is what i adore.

People think that I day dream
while my mind continues to flow like a stream
The world regards me helplessly insane
As I continue to  wander in my fantasy lane.

To the world this dreamer has one advice,
That imagination can be a blissful paradise
So close your eyes, in order to see
realize, how glorious your imagination can be.

Don’t let the materialistic world corrupt your originality
Let your creativity nurture your personality.
Fly freely in the realm of time,
Enjoy your fantasy in it’s prime.


Ode To The Enemy

Sometimes our rival (enemy)  gets the best out of us by feeding us with a sense of competition & negative motivation. This poem of mine glorifies various aspect of a rivalry.

Ode To The Enemy

I’m like a helpless silly clown
On whom you always shout & frown.
Treating me like a dog you expect me to smile
As you continue to corrupt my lifestyle.

Against your oppression I was once weak
But now the fire within me shall unleash.
Our rivalry is the essence of my fire
To outlast you is my obsessive desire.

My friend, you always question my ability
Against you I’ll exhibit my true capability.
In my heart for you I have respect
As your hatred shall drive me to my best.



A Bleeding Heart

This poem deals with the corruption of emotions in a love bond which resulted in separation of two lovers & the thought process of the lover who was emotionally victimized by the cruelty of the bond.


A Bleeding Heart

I worshiped you with my love
Until you said, you’ve had enough.
I had put my heart before your feet
You stomped it & it started to bleed.

My heart bleeds & is now numb
It’s a victim of the diabolical things that you have done.
Even though our bond has ended now
Someday in-front of my love, your ego will bow.

Don’t expect me to accept you then
For love in my bleeding heart can’t reinvent.
With my bleeding heart I now bid farewell
As I withdraw from your illusional satanic spell.



The Wounded Warrior

I personally feel that  this world is no less than a battlefield where we all have to fight & struggle for turning our dreams into reality. This poem of mine talks about the spirit of fortitude with which one should move forward in life even when various rivals and adversities of life try to run us down. We all fall in life but it’s the way we rise after that fall that defines our existence.

The Wounded  Warrior

Fallen on hardships I lay on the battlefield,
Knowing that my wounds won’t be healed.
Fate has brought me down to my knees
While misery consumes my life, like a disease.

Blood dribbles down my wounds, igniting a fire
To accomplish my victory, is my sole desire.
Although I lay with a stigma in my heart
I’ll battle again to make a fresh start.

Pain invaded my body, but not my pride
My fortitude is indestructible, it’ll never subside.
I know I wasn’t born for embracing defeat
To confront my demons i stand again on my feet.


Tomb of My Dreams

Tomb of my dreams is a symbol of depression & agony that settles in when our dreams & aspirations are broken by the wicked vicissitudes of life. Demons/devils are the fears & hardships that constantly try to harm us in some way or the other. We must not give up in life & let the depression take over so that it dictates it’s terms to us, instead we must move forward accepting whatever life has to throw at us with open arms & a smile on our face, because we all are greater than our hardships in life.

Tomb of My Dreams

Life opened my eyes to it’s brutality,

As my dreams were crushed by reality.

My heart was once filled with dreams,

Now it’s haunted by their helpless screams.


I sit here in the tomb of my dreams,

As devils and demons fly above me.

My soul cries tears of blood,

As my dreams are buried in mud.


My dreams were murdered by my fate,

But one day they shall reincarnate.

On the grave of my dreams I shall wait,

For their resurrection which I’ll someday celebrate.


In life we fall, we rise,

Sometimes we die a bit inside.

We must take hardships in our stride,

So that our existence is justified.


Although the night is deadly dark,

In darkness shines the brightest star.

Tomb of my dreams gave me a scar,

But with a new dream on my journey I’ll embark.



Shaun: Serial Slacker

Note:-  This poem highlights how the laid back attitude of a person can have a negative impact on the organization as well as on the life of a trainee who is inspired to learn more.

Shaun: Serial Slacker


In work I give my 100 percent

yet I get a feeling of torment.

People can’t hear my silent lament,

Monday office is a disturbing event.


Shaun my supervisor is a slacker,

who doesn’t work but loves to blabber.

He is a jerk who goes berserk

& creatively makes excuses to avoid work.


He roams in office like a horse,

for his irresponsibility has no remorse.

when work comes he loves to delegate,

while we are left in a helpless state.


Our learning gets badly impacted,

as from work Shaun gets easily distracted.

Thanks to him our learning curve never expanded,

& with workload we are always stranded.


Moving forward in life I pray,

if I am made a supervisor someday,

unlike Shaun never from work I’ll stray away,

with dedication I’ll complete work everyday.

The Fakir

It was a cold winter evening, twilight was ushering in the splendor youth of the night. The last train slowly approached the station. As the train halted on the station, so did some of the anxiety that was rumbling in Ajay’s heart, for the past 14 months he had worked like a dog, work seemed to be a form of escapism, through which he got rid of his worries in life that had haunted him in the past. But now after 14 months of slogging at the office, he finally got a well-deserved promotion and decided to go on a vacation, to explore a new place before the bigger responsibilities of office invaded his peace of mind again. As the train stopped at the station, Ajay jumped out of the train, he wore his stylish leather jacket and with a spring in his step, walked on the train station in his prime, he felt like he was the king of the world.

As he was walking with his swagger on the railway station, he saw an old fakir sitting in a dark corner. The fakir sitting in the dark was a brown lanky old fellow wearing a ragged pant, he was so thin that one could count his ribs by merely looking at his upper body. The fakir was in a degraded state, deprived of food and proper clothing, yet for some reason he had a contended smile on his face. He was poor, but he had a certain charisma that intrigued Ajay.

Seeing the old man’s plight Ajay’s heart filled with a sense of disgust. Ajay saw that the fakir was a victim of starvation so out of pity for him Ajay arrogantly threw his uneaten sandwiched towards the fakir and moved on. As he was walking past the fakir, the fakir in a deep yet gentle tone said “Thank you sir for you act of kindness but human is an emotional creature, feed him with food and his stomach shall be content, but if you feed a man with your love, then his soul shall be imbued with a feeling of gratitude towards you and in his heart an ever flowing river of respect shall flow for you. He shall remember the bliss of your kindness with every breath he takes.”

Upon hearing this Ajay’s pride was hurt, his young blood boiled in anger and he replied in an aggressive way “Old man, I took pity on your helpless state and gave you my sandwich, in return I get this judgmental lecture from you? No wonder you are in such a poor state no matter how much we give to people like you, you guys still beg for more.”

Hearing the harsh words of the angry young man the old man said “I am not at all disgraced by my poverty, my poverty is my biggest treasure to be honest.”

Ajay was perplexed hearing this and he mocked the fakir “How can you regard poverty as your biggest asset? Your ability to think in the right way has obliviously been affected by your age.”

The old man smiled again “Poverty has evolved me into a better human being, it has taught me that like seasons, people and circumstances too change. Poverty has taught me the ability to take setbacks in my stride and evolve as a stronger individual. My poverty has made me master the art of receiving, be it a sandwich or judgmental comments I receive them both with utmost humility and pure emotion of gratitude towards the giver. I am a free man, I have no house, I roam as a wanderer and I consider this world as my playground. Now I ask you sir, has your rich lifestyle enabled you to master the art of giving? Can your rich lifestyle ever enable you to embrace life in the way I do?”

Ajay’s pride had been shattered by the questions that the fakir, asked for the first time his rich life style seemed so shallow to him. His ego bowed down to a poor man’s humble question. He realized that he was wrong in belittling the poor man. He held his head down in shame and he apologized for his harsh behavior.

The fakir continued in a humble tone “In life materialistic thing don’t matter, you are blessed with the ability to give the needy. Make sure to wipe the tears of despair from the eyes of the helpless people around you, leave them with a smile and not tears, for tears are like diamonds. Tears aren’t mere salty water from the eyes but instead they are powerful emotions oozing out directly from the soul. While giving, give a fragment of your soul to the needy this way you will not only touch his life but his soul as well. Life isn’t measured by the number of breathes you take it is also measured by the number of souls you touch in your lifetime. While giving, give like a rose that spreads it’s fragrance without any expectations of joy or pain in return. Don’t be biased while giving for the sun doesn’t differentiate while giving us it’s light, it’s integral existence depends on shining and blessing us all with the treasure of it’s light in the same way. Don’t let your soul be intoxicated with pride like the tides while giving, for tides are bound to come crashing down, instead give with a smile as big as river Nile exhibiting unconditional love and the kindness of your heart.

As Ajay pondered & understood the very essence of the art of giving, the old man stood up gently smiled and humbly thanked Ajay for the sandwich. The fakir then went towards the dark porch of the railway station to sleep. As Ajay saw the old man going away towards the porch, his introspection forced him to reflect that he had given the fakir a sandwich and in return the fakir gave him words of wisdom; he degraded and mocked the fakir’s plight while the fakir gave him the true meaning of life; he felt like the king of the world on getting the promotion while a fakir owned something far more precious, the treasure of poverty. Ajay had a rich lifestyle yet was cursed with stress from various aspects of his life, while the fakir being blessed with poverty relished a stress free life. Ajay had come on a vacation to explore a new place after getting a bigger status in office, but he ultimately ended up exploring in life how shallow his thinking and life condition really was.

The Victim

In this short story I have tried to go against the stereotypical notion that regards Aurangzeb as some sort of a “Darklord” from the past & I have to tried present him in somewhat positive light by writing the story from his point of view.



  The Victim



 There was a rumor going around that Shah Jahan was planning to build a black Taj Mahal for himself just opposite the white marble one which he built for his Begum (Queen) Mumtaz Mahal. This is when Aurangzeb planned to launch an attack on the emperor & Dara as he saw this as the best opportunity to catch them off-guard.


 “Is Shah Jahan really planning to build a black Taj Mahal?” inquired a surprised Aurangzeb. As he heard the news he had an ominous smile on his face.


“This is what a fellow soldier told me. Isn’t it incredible news?” the army chief said with immense excitement.


“I’m not fascinated by his desire to construct a black Taj Mahal close to the white Taj Mahal. They would look more like pieces of chess close together, rather than monuments. I see this as an opportunity to seek revenge ” said  Auranzeb in a stern voice


The army chief perplexedly asked “Revenge for what? Hasn’t Shah Jahan provided you with all luxuries”


“Except for the luxury of having a loving father… There is more to life than materialistic objects.” Aurangzeb went towards the palace as he said this in a sad tone.



The following conversation took place at the army camp next night where Aurangzeb was restlessly walking, waiting for the right moment & the army chief was preparing the troops for war:


“This night seems endless. I have waited for this moment all my life, when I brush off mediocrity & claim what should be rightfully mine. Army chief, I want to attack them at the crack of down. Tomorrow, the first ray of the sun would be their moment of reckoning.”  The dark age representing a new era was slowly tip toeing it’s way as an impatient Aurangzeb planned to launch an attack on his brother.


Army chief informed him, “Sir, he has the support of emperor Shah Jahan , are you sure you want to attack your own brother & go against your father ?” 


Aurangzeb with a tear trickling down from his eye, said in a deep cold voice “Father favoring Dara isn’t some sort of breaking news; it’s always been the case. Dara may have his father as his ally but there is something divine which I possess & that is my determination. It’s my ultimate ally”


With vengeance clouding his mind Aurangzeb looked like a blood thirsty warlord whose being craved the decay and death of his enemies. To some extent the army chief had sympathy for Aurangzeb; the emotional turmoil which had victimized him from his childhood was known to everybody. 


As the dawn cracked, the first ray of sun proved to be the messenger of massacre: a fierce battle ensued, many great warriors were slaughtered to death. After the intense war ended; Aurangzeb emerged victorious. With the sword of defeat hanging above his head Dara had to flee for his life. Shah Jahan was captured and chained and imprisoned in the coldest corner of a ruined fort. Aurangzeb became the new emperor. 


It was a stormy night when Aurangzeb decided to confront his father. The storm seemed to be an external manifestation of the emotions which were raging within Aurangzeb. Just like a predator stalking its helpless prey, with a vindictive smirk, Aurangzeb approached Shah Jahan.


 What do we have here ? An arrogant king of the past now in dismal despair? Aurangzeb propounded, sarcastically


An aggressive Shah Jahan’s fury knew no bounds. He replied in a nerve chilling way, “I can’t believe you are my son”


Aurangzeb retaliated by saying “You never made me feel like you were my father, either. Dara was your blue eyed boy whom you showered with your  love while I was no less than a low level circus clown to you. I used to look upto you; I used to desperately  yearned for love from you. I learnt the Quran, mastered Arabic & Persian just to make you feel proud of me but love was a luxury solely reserved for the apple of your eye (Dara). Where were you when I needed to share my problems with you? You were busy solving problems of people in Diwan-e-Aam /Diwan-e-Khas! Where were you when I designed a Persian poetic symphonies? You were busy designing & constructing some fancy monuments! You always had time for Dara, which you never had for me. You loaded him with precious gifts; all you gifted me was loneliness. You gave respect & fame to him. But you blessed me with depression as a result of which tears have become the jewels of my eyes. I burnt in the agony of inferiority while Dara earned respect in your heart. When love towards you made me weak & helpless, hatred towards you gave me the purpose to exist. … You sowed in me the seed of hatred & I watered it with  my tears. My hatred grew with each  passing day & here I am today,  presenting myself as the ultimate incarnation of evil. You have made me the beast I am today. My heart once had emotions of love & respect for you but as the wheel of time carelessly moved on and as your neglect towards me increased, this heart of mine was transmuted into a stone. All the emotions it once possessed  are now replaced by the poison of hatred.”

“What do you know about being an emperor?

  When you are an emperor you need to pay attention on the overall functioning of the empire! I treated Dara with love because the level of his maturity was simply incredible. In him I saw the ideal ruler & I was training him to be the future king. He would have been the perfect person to carry on the Mughal legacy” said Shah Jahan in a loud & clear voice.

“Is that so, father? Even though I exhibited my superiority over Dara in warfare, still you glorify him, as someone better than me. As always your blind and partial love towards Dara eclipsed the value of my capability. You still question my capability. I may have won this battle against Dara but from my childhood days I have always lost the love of my father to him” replied Aurangzeb .


Shah Jahan finally began to realize how unfair he had been to Aurangzeb. He decided to admit his mistake & emotionally said “I am guilty of this injustice towards you. But I did not mean any harm. Everything I did was for the welfare of the empire. Please forgive me for the sorrow I caused you,” his voice cracked as he said this.


Turning his back on Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb wiped his tears & said “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether I forgive you or not, the question is whether your own self conscience would forgive you. You are my father & I can’t punish you. I’ll leave you here in this dark cell where you would be haunted by loneliness, just the way I was for ages. I’ll leave it up to your introspection to decide your punishment”


Finally, Aurangzeb exhibited his true potential & became the writer of his own destiny. He became a powerful emperor but the love he had sought from his father never became his. People feared him but nobody loved him. He was the most hated emperor in the history of the Mughal empire. He was a victim who later created many innocent people the victims of his immense hatred.  

Judy & The Judge

Introduction:-  this poem deals with the stress which students these days have to deal with. Raising a voice against the oppressive education system that is stern bent on draining out the creativity & uniqueness of a student.


Judy & The Judge


Judy went to the judge one day,

The judge thought she came to play.

Judge asked “how can I help you dear?”

Little Judy smiled & came near.


She wanted her teacher in jail,

where she hoped he would cry & wail.

The judge was perplexed as she complained

Judy continued with her case & vividly explained.


“Stress from my teacher replaces fun

I can’t go outside to enjoy the sun.

As the flowers beautifully bloom,

With homework I feel trapped in my room.


Various points my teacher wants me to memorize

but the stress I deal with he doesn’t realize.

With every page of the book that I turn,

I feel like I’m turning into a book worm.”


After hearing to this the judge realized

that life of the student was getting compromised.

The education system surely needs to be questioned

whether it leads to a student’s depression.


Gone are the days when creativity was glorified,

now due to  stress the student’s brain gets fried .

The cruel system kills a student’s originality,

by causing stress, it corrupts their personality.  


My Angel

Through my poem I wish to emphasize the fact that love can infuse limitless optimism in a depressed person’s heart , thus enabling him/her to overcome his/her depression in a very splendid way. In this poem I have aimed at glorifying love & present it as a source from where optimism overwhelmingly originates.



 My Angel


In depression, I went to pray

earth got an angel that day.

As she descended on the ground,

she sprouted purity all around.


When we met face to face,

I realized she possessed eternal grace.

As she gently wiped my tears,

depression vanished, so did my fears.


She’s the answer to prayer

who came to decimate my despair.

With her I experience immeasurable bliss 

I’m delighted that she’s my granted wish.


Our First meeting was something divine,

while our souls mutually combined,

I proudly proclaim that she’s mine,

together may our names forever shine. 


Love’s destiny

Introduction:- I personally believe that love is a multidimensional concept , it can’t be rigidly described just in the form of a lovers’ bond , it exists in various forms like between a mother & her child , between friends , between a master & a pupil & hence varies accordingly .Keeping this in mind through my Poem(Love’s destiny ) I wish to convey that initially in a love bond hurdles like hatred, jealousy & envy tend to pop in every now & then. These un-called for emotions tend to corrupt & ruthlessly dismantle the precious bond, but regardless of these undesired adversities if we continue to have faith in that love bond, then someday that bond is bound to blossom in it’s prime glory. Metaphorically speaking a love bond is like a diamond which has to undergo various processes/hurdles before it’s true priceless existence is established. So to capture the core essence of true love I made a short little story & tried to present it in the form of a poem as well.



One day in God’s backyard, all the emotions decided to play hide & seek. Madness was to seek while the rest had to hide. Love hid in a thorny rose bush, while on the other hand the other emotions weren’t able to find a good hiding spot for themselves. As a result, Madness found every emotion except for Love. Love was God’s blue-eyed-boy & God held him in high esteem, being the fierce foes of Love; Hatred, Jealousy & Envy couldn’t digest Love’s superiority (even in the game). Hence they revealed Love’s hiding spot , on knowing Love’s secret spot Madness jumped into that thorny rose bush & made a loud noise .The loud noise caught Love off-guard & because of the sudden shock Love banged his eyes against the thorns of the rose bush & ended up being blind. As Love lost his vision, blood dribbled down his eyes, he experienced a searing pain & he lamented his lungs out in agony. On hearing Love’s painful cry, God appeared. On knowing the details of the incident, God felt sorry for Love’s handicapped state & criticized Madness for it’s insane nature. As way to compensate for his cardinal sin God ordered Madness(who himself was haunted by a feeling of remorse for his act) to hold Love’s hand forever & be Love’s guiding force till eternity.

Ever since that day this notion has emerged that Love is blind, Madness always accompanies it & Hatred, Jealousy & Envy work as a team to harm Love in some way or the other. bleeding_rose 


In the Garden of Eden one day,

all the emotions decided to play.

Hide & Seek was the chosen game

& Madness was the seeker’s name.


Other emotions hid to the best of their ability,

& tried to be away from Madness’ visibility.

Love hid in a thorny rose bush

where he hoped that madness wouldn’t look.


Madness found every emotion except for Love

as Love was hiding like a quiet dove.

Enemies of Love; Hatred, Jealous & Envy

revealed Love’s hiding spot shamelessly.


In the rose bush, Madness jumped with all his might

to infuse in Love’s heart a feeling of fright.

This caught Love by a sudden surprise,

Love’s eyes hit the thorns & he lost his sight.


Blood dribbled down from Love’s eyes,

Jealousy & Envy smiled with delight.

In pain Love helplessly lamented & cried

God appeared & stood by Love’s side.


Seeing Love’s plight, God had sympathy

Madness was criticized & pleaded guilty.

Madness had immense remorse for his sin,

he held Love’s hand & became his kin.


Even today it’s believed, Love has no vision

it’s still regarded like an insane obsession.

Madness still triggers true Love’s every motion,

they remain inseparable like the sea & ocean. 804d212eee33f96cbe225fb1c2c537fa