Quote: Friendship

Note: Friendship is a blissful bond that binds two heartbeats into one. Today on the occasion of Friendships Day just want to thank my friends & followers without whose support my blog wouldn’t be were it is today. You guys have been like angels of mercy,  you guys have unconditionally blessed me with your never-ending love & support, thus constructively changing my tears of depair into tears of joy. I’ll be eternally indebted to you all, for the way  you guys ingnited a positive change in my life. I wish you all a very Happy Friendships Day from the bottom of my soul. Let’s celebrate the most beautiful gift bestowed upon the mankind (friendship), together with smiles. ❤ 🙂 

Quote: My Insanity 




Note: I often felt this way as I was victimized by a negative phase in my life. Based on my personal experience I’d just like to say to anyone going through a similar turmoil that don’t loose hope, don’t quit on yourself. No matter how dark & depressing the night maybe the beauty of dawn shall usher in a glorious day.

Quote: A Bond

Note: Bonds are an awe-inspiring entity for they are the cathedral of our dreams & also formulate the reasons for nightmares at the time of separation. I feel that it is a traumatizing experience when any bond breaks because they form an integral part of us to such an extent that when they break, a part of our soul breaks along with them. In a nutshell my feelings towards bonds are best expressed with this quote from Life of Pi – “I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.”

Quote : The Luxury of Crying


Note: Sometimes the ability to express sorrow is form of a blessing for a depressed soul. Please let’s be compassionate towards the pain & agony of other people around us. Let us unite to be sympathetic towards each other’s misery so that we can at some point change the tears of sorrow into tears of joy for one another.