Corporate Chameleon

I see you stepping into the office
& the very sight makes me nauseous.
Those who see you as human, are mistaken
I know that you’re a living form of Satan.

You, senselessly plan to allocate work
Setting unrealistic deadlines, you go berserk.
Ignoring your work, you’re a serial slacker
Highly unproductive, you just blabber.

Like a fat boy, cherishes cookies & nuts
You worship & lick the boss’ butt.
I get headaches, from your constant chatter
& my ears bleed with your false flatter.

With deceiving words, you manipulate others
Like a chameleon you too change your colors.
While others day-dream about breaking your neck
Yet you work with no professionalism or respect.

Work with dedication & values my friend
Because once your manipulative games end.
Others will kick your rear-end, for your deceit 
 & it’ll hurt, whenever you sit on the toilet seat.



Note: Yes corporate life can be stressful at times, but sometimes there are certain individuals who add fuel to the fire with their deceitful & manipulative actions. It’s really sad with the way some people resort to indulging in such kind of malpractices at work, with an objective of passing the buck rather than take full ownership of the task assigned to them. This poem in a humorous way tries to expose & criticize that very mentality which seems to be propagating on all levels of professional world.  Work with professional ethics & moral values to earn your daily bread, don’t resort to manipulation in order to climb the ladder. 

My Superhero Dad

In darkness, you held my hand
My insecurities, you used to understand.
You made me smile, even when I was sad
You truly were my superhero dad.

You comforted me & listened to my fears
Made sure, I remained a stranger to tears.
Things looked good even when they were bad
You truly were my superhero dad.

Against life’s brutal attacks
You always had my back.
But sometimes, I made you sad
Sometimes I failed as a child towards you, dad.

In teenage radically, things changed
As with other things, I got engaged.
That phase, I might have made you sad
I failed to appreciate you, my superhero dad.

Even in pain, for my sake you smiled
I feel privileged be your child.
Reminiscently, I recall the past days we had
You will always be my superhero dad.

Now blinded with tears, to you I say
Dad I look up to you everyday.
I’m sorry if I ever made you sad
You will always be my superhero dad.


Note: Any man can reproduce with a woman to have kids, but it takes a special man with strong moral value to raise up his child & be regarded as a ‘father’. To me my father was no less than any superhero for me because not only did he nurture me emphasizing on the importance of moral values in life, but also he was there to rescue me from the various troubles of my life. Although my dad isn’t alive now I still hold on to his memories …some bonds aren’t so fragile that they can be decimated by death. Anyway on Fathers’ day I respect the spirit of universal fatherhood that stands as a symbol of courage & being unconditionally dependable  towards their children. Lastly I personally feel we must not just merely appreciate our dads, instead we must also possess the humility to apologize to our dads for any intentional/unintentional action or statement that might hurt them in anyway. Happy Fathers Day to everyone! ❤


The Knife

I remember that wretched night
When in darkness, bitterly, I cried
& at my despair, my demons smiled
That helpless night…. I had a knife.

I questioned my existence’s purpose
As I felt like a hopeless clown in a circus.
Corrupted by the problems of my life
That helpless night…. I had a knife.

With tears streaming from my eyes
On my nerve, I placed the knife.
Like a bee yearns nectar, from a bud
The knife yearned the taste of my blood.

I had a dark desire to use the knife
But flashed before me my mother’s eyes.
I slowly realized, my life could impact other lives
& this decimated the seduction of the knife.

I understood the value of my life
As amidst the pain, I learnt to smile.
For others, I decided to rise
That night….. I threw away the knife.


Note: From the depths of darkness & depression, our life gets plagued by negative thoughts. I admit I too had suicidal thoughts few years ago. So this poem is a slight peek into my past & also hopes to serve as a message to anyone who might be going through a similar traumatic struggle. To me every life counts, no matter how depressing the situation might be always remember that your mere existence is the reason as to why someone smiles. So why indulge in an act that replaces, that “someone’s” smile with tears of despair?  The knife in this poem is not just an entity but the very embodiment of suicidal thoughts that corrupt & stab the very soul of a depressed person. I urge all my readers to be understanding & compassionate towards the troubles that anyone around them faces. Please show the troubled souls that you care, so that none ever picks up a knife due to depression & helplessness. 


For My Bully (Collaborated with Tejasvi)

Hello my cruel tyrant “friend”,
I wonder when your hate towards me would end.
You laugh, when my pride, you crucify,
I wonder why you smile when I cry?

Your sadistic ways malevolently crush my soul,
And in my heart leave more than one gaping wide hole.
Your sticks and stones may merely break some bones,
But your cruel words, rip through my soul’s core.

Your continuous torment never ceases to maim me,
And in me, they instill insecurity.
I know that inside, I must be strong,
But do you even realize, what you’re doing wrong?

And in my heart, I wish to not harbor hate,
Yet my misery with delight you celebrate.
A negative world in me you plan to create,
As my integral essence you aim to annihilate.

You call me various names,
That amplify the pain in my brain.
But hopefully someday things will change,
omeday towards me you’ll be humane.

We share the same breath of air,
So why do you love to pull my hair?
The color of my blood, like yours is red,
So why is your kindness towards me dead?

Sometimes I don’t understand your intention,
I question how you can smile over my tension.
Do you bully me to grab attention,
Or do you love being a social infection?

Keeping my head up, your oppression I defy,
I won’t break, I won’t helplessly cry.
You’ll witness the change in me this time,
When I confront you with my rebellious eyes.

For I’m done taking your shit,
I’m done hearing that in life I can’t make it,
You shouldn’t have degraded me; you’ll wish it,
As your ego I’ll destroy, to shreds I’ll rip it.

To you I will no longer justify,
You will no longer threaten my identity.
To me you will have to testify,
When all this is over, you’ll plead guilty.

And when I’m done with you, you will see,
You’ll come to respect my individuality.
I am not your puppet, I am not a play-doll,
For your nefarious ways you’ll have to take the fall.

That day, your sins you’ll realize,
And you’ll come to me with remorseful eyes.
To me you will finally apologize,
We’ll shake hands, as the bully in you dies.

Note: – My childhood was deeply affected with bullying & based on my first hand experience of bullying all I can say is that bullying isn’t restricted to a certain individual or their actions, it’s a cold-blooded mentality to seek pleasure by victimizing a person. It’s a spineless act of crushing a person’s soul just to attain a sadistic pleasure by seeing the other person’s misery & helplessness. So through the medium of this poem I have tried to take a stand against bullying by questioning it’s existence & criticizing it. I would like add that I had the privilege to collaborate with Tejasvi who with her flawless creativity contributed towards this poem significantly. Do check out her blog >   I’m sure you’ll be mesmerized with the beauty of her thoughts.

Destroyed In Your Love

Reminiscent, I recall the times we had
When I felt, your comforting hands.
When your eyes, shined with love for me
When your love, was deeper than the sea.

When it seemed you completed my life
When I regarded you as my paradise.
But, blinded in love, I didn’t realize
That even you, had a wicked side.

I still remember, that disturbing day
That day… when you drew away.
Shattered, my life was in a disarray
Coldly, we parted, on our separate ways.

I miss, your comforting hands
But, you need space, I understand.
I aspire, that love in your eyes
But, I guess all that was lies.

Even Adam, wouldn’t have cried
on being banished, from the paradise.
The way, tears of blood, I cried
Upon loosing you… My paradise.

You left me, with my fears
You gifted my eyes, many tears.
Still I hope, you smile for years
For I value, your smile more than my tears.

You tricked me, in your satanic spell
Yet for your future, I wish you well.
I can’t hate you, my darling dove
Even if, I get destroyed in your love.


Note: Love is a glorious enigma & mystic are it’s ways of dribbling in our lives, but there are times when things don’t go right in a bond of love & we tend to sear with hate when our expectations burn to ashes. This poem tries to portray the purity of unconditional love that resonates even when a love bond breaks & I wish to convey that one should probably treat those broken bonds as a memory rather than letting hate corrupt the purity & spirituality that the bond once possessed.When love destroys you from within don’t embrace hate as a way of seeking strength. 

Repaying Mother

Mother, Ever since I was a kid
Towards me you were always committed.
So I thought of making a list
Of all things for me that you did.

Writing your deeds, I broke down in tears
Recalling, how you had sacrificed for years.
Twig by twig, like a sparrow builds her nest
Withstanding adversities, you nurtured me beyond your best.

How did you sacrifice with a smile?
How did you hide your tears every night?
How did you make things appear to be alright?
How did you protect me and still managed to fight?

You gave me your love, without any grand demand
Amidst insecurities, you always held my hand
My soul’s agony, somehow ,you always understand.
Any pain for me, you were there to withstand.

I run out of paper and ink
Somewhere deep down, my heart shrinks.
Recalling your deeds & your sacrifices, I rethink
My inability to repay you, makes my heart sink.

So from the core of my soul, I wish to say
I’m sorry… for the sacrifices you had to make.
I’m sorry…for all my mistakes
I’m sorry… I can’t repay you in any way.

Insolvent, under you feet I keep my heart
& a promise that our bond, will never fall apart.
So please never ask me, to repay your debt
Because I still can’t repay, it till my last breath.


Note: A mother’s love is so purely unconditional  & immeasurable that a child can never repay it. This poem is for all the mothers may you continue to shower your eternal love on your children ❤