Broken Wings

They say in our realm a divine bird did dwell
Whom the angels addressed as Raphael.
His songs made every man’s heart swell
At least that’s what the ancient legends tell.

They say Raphael’s spiritual soul illuminated our sun
& the beasts hearing his mystic voice did run.
The moon blushed whenever his melody begun
& the stars in awe were left sparkling stunned.

Once flying across the night’s dark shore
Raphael was trapped amidst a storm’s ruthless roar
The vicious winds broke his wings to the core
It seemed the radiant Raphael couldn’t fly anymore.

From falling down, Raphael couldn’t avert
Like a meteor, his body violently crashed on earth.
His body ached, as all his veins were brutally hurt
Raphael was physically decimated in the dirt.

Amidst his tormenting pain, Raphael didn’t cry
Not a single tear dropped from his eye.
With his broken wings, he tried to fly
Impaling the storm he reached for the sky.

Although Raphael wasn’t physically the same
Yet a hopeful song in his bosom did remain.
He sang that hopeful carol that eclipsed his pain
A superlative song… that thrilled every mortal’s brain.

Hence, whenever we feel dead inside
Amidst the pain, we must learn to smile.
Even with our broken wings we must rise
For true grace comes at a painful price.


Note: Through the medium of Raphael the bird in this poem I wished to convey that in life our hopes are like our wings with the help of which we dream & we fly, but there comes a time when we are confronted with unpredictable stormy situations in our lives that break our hopes. When we are battered & bruised by fate’s unpredictable twist we mustn’t forget about our goodness, our inner beauty that resides in our hearts. We must rise with hope & courage not only to evolve as a stronger individual but also to conquer the various stormy situations in lives without compromising on our dreams.

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36 thoughts on “Broken Wings

  1. I am awestruck by this poem. I can see Raphael in all of us. We need to learn to embrace everything that life offers. ❤ 🙂
    Inspirational and powerful verse 🙂
    Your kindness and power shines throughout the poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We all have a pair of broken wings! And like Raphael, we must continue to fly regardless of our broken dreams. Endurance is key in the journey of life. We just embrace the bad, as well as the good, because we can’t have one without the other!

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  3. I loved everything about this poem, except for one.

    First let me tell you the things that are truly wonderful. The rhyme scheme (loved the internal rhymes too), the dark touch, very Poe-ish. 😊, The flow is impeccable and the diction commendable. A very finely-woven tapestry of words. Delightful

    Now, the thing I didn’t like was the explanation at the end. But I realized you often do that. What I mean is a poem should be open to interpretations, it makes it all the more interesting. Especially if sometimes someone reads it in a way you hadn’t even thought about. Get what I mean?

    Honest feedback, Sid! I hope you don’t mind 🌹😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the honest feedback, I appreciate the honesty really.. Everyone is free whether or not they wish to go through the note or not, but it’s kind of part of my therapy (for I see writing as a form of my psychological sublimation). Thanks I’m truly humbled by the detailed review, especially the poe-ish compliment. 😊


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