Christmas Lights

Once upon a dreamy fairytale night
When people celebrated Christmas with delight.
The town twinkled brightly with Christmas lights
Alone a boy admired the lights amidst his plight.

On Christmas lights, he didn’t have money to spend
So darkness became his fiendish friend.
Like a symbol of despair, that had no end
With his incorruptible darkness, he had to contend.

While the Christmas lights blazed up with grace
The boy was trapped in his sorrow’s evil embrace.
Tears of helplessness trickled down his face
As happiness from his heart was completely erased.

Amidst the darkness’ tormenting roar
He gazed & gazed from door to door.
As Christmas lights dazzled the night’s mystic shore
A sense of deprivation from his soul did outpour.

Dodging his depression’s sinful spears
Growing up in darkness over the years.
The boy changed into a man, wiping his tears
With time he conquered his traumatic fears.

His house on Christmas still remains dark
But his Christmas lights now shine in his heart.
To connect with the deprived now his soul embarks
With his luminous heart, from his house, he departs.

His heart represents Christmas lights in their prime
He attends to others going through tough times.
Deep into the darkness he walks a thousand miles
& wiping tears, he gifts the deprived, many smiles.



Note: Today being Christmas I see fancy Christmas lights all around me. These Christmas lights that are otherwise symbolic of good times & happiness, can also be perceived as an entity that reminds some people of the deprivation of various luxuries in their lives. Personally I feel that on Christmas it is important to light up the lives of the people who are otherwise plagued with that sense of deprivation, so according to me it doesn’t matter how fancy the Christmas lights outside on my balcony might be, what truly matters to me is whether  or not I have the inner light of compassion within me that can turn someone’s tears into a smile of hope. I sincerely hope that this Christmas may you & your family get the gift of eternal bliss & joy. Merry Christmas everyone! Let your inner light be a source of someone’s happiness this Christmas. ❤

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26 thoughts on “Christmas Lights

  1. Wow, am speechless. This is Christmas to its prime. I can feel the child, him walking do
    Wn the streets, turning into a man, helping bringing smiles. Its so vivid. So Emotional. So utterly beautiful.

    I am honored beyond words to know that such an amazing writer could find a connection to my words.

    Thank you so much for asking me to read you through your words.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great writing with great thoughts🙂
    Wonderful message giving actual meaning of festivals(to celebrate with and give happiness to others).
    Would love to read more of your posts in future.
    And Thank you for stopping by my post and guiding me to this wonderful blog😃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so heartfelt! I admire your views on Christmas. It’s easy to get caught up in the selfish aspect of receiving gifts, but we must think about others who are not as fortunate as we are. I think the best Christmas gift is the gift of love, for it is priceless and timeless! We should spread it to as many as we can especially during the holidays.

    Liked by 1 person

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