Quote: Great Sacrifices



Note: Sacrifice is the purest and the most selfless acts of love because it justifies the fact that the person values someone else’s smile more than his/her pain. Hence value & appreciate the sacrifice a person makes to see you smile, as the respective person might have secretly cried a million tears just to create that one magical moment to see you smile. 

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30 thoughts on “Quote: Great Sacrifices

    1. Thank you, I personally feel that I’m answerable to my readers when it comes to expressing the core thought based on which I write something, hence I always try to add a note in my every post that makes it easier for my readers to understand my thoughts. Thank you for taking out the time to go through my note 😊


      1. Aww thank you so much for liking my page on fb your words, your compliments and your support truly lightened up my day today. Please do stay in touch good hearted people like you are very rare these days. 💙


      2. Well so had yours. I merely returned the favor with words you truly deserved.

        And surely I would like that. But don’t be too fast to judge on me being so good Sid. A writer has too many layers to be ascertained so soon.

        Stick by and maybe you know more of me and I of you. 😃🙏

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      3. Ofcourse I’ll actively read more of your writings to understand your layers as a writer, may you continue to bloom into the fantastic writer that I know you are.


    1. Sacrifice is a pure act of love and compassion, but I feel rather than making it as a habit we should be first realize whether the sacrifice is actually justified or not, coz people might try to manipulate us for our goodness. Nonetheless thank you so much for your valuable thought. 💜

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      1. That’s very true… so it then becomes about discernment and weeding out the harmful people from the ones who deserve our time and ‘sacrifice’. This can be a painful process I’m sure you know.

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      2. Precisely, to be honest I had experienced that kinda situation first hand, based on that phase of my life I wrote a poem called “the quiet man’s parasites” so yes I totally understand what you mean by weeding out the selfish people who try to take advantage of us. Thank you Lilac for your readership and valuable thought. Your glorious words mean the world to me 😊

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