Love: An Enchanting Dream (Collab With Sarah)

I dream about you, so wildly well
While on me, you cast your enchanting spell.
In me, your radiant spirit begins to dwell
& thoughts about you, make my heart swell.

The weary sun, gets overpowered by your eyes
Submitting to your grace, the teary moon cries.
The envious stars, flame up the black skies
Dreaming about you, for me, their splendor dies.

Nothing compares to the beauty you hold inside
I dream about you, for you are my pride.
But the distance between us, my heart cannot abide
As yearning your embrace, my desires get amplified.

Addicted to you, I dream day & night
Of our bond, that shall be blissfully bright.
Within me you breathe, someday we shall unite
& I’ll be enveloped in your love’s luminous light.

Till then treasure my love in your heart
Softly dream about me while sleeping in the dark.
Promise me, your passion for me will forever last
& our love will be a beautiful art.

Note: This poem is for those who glorify love, it’s also for those who have been victimized by love & it’s certainly for those dreamers like me who just believe in spreading love in whatever way they can. Love is a magical manifestation of emotions that binds & unites 2 souls into one so cherish it, spread it & dream about its blissful brilliance. In this poem I had the privilege to collaborate with Sarah, she’s a magnificent writer without her flawless ideas writing this poem wouldn’t have been possible. Do visit her blog, I’m sure you’ll love her blog >

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11 thoughts on “Love: An Enchanting Dream (Collab With Sarah)

    1. Thank you so much Sameera it was a pleasure to collaborate with Sarah. Every collaboration in general is an enriching experience for me as a poet so I always look forward to collaborations 😊. Thank you for taking out the time to read this poem of ours ☺️


      1. Personally it’s a privilege indulging in such collaborations coz it’s not just about the poem that we create together, it’s also about a bond of friendship that we establish in the process of crafting emotions. 😊


      2. Yes another collaboration is in process, so hope you’ll enjoy it as well 😊. I also hope that maybe someday we both can collaborate to craft a poem as well


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