The Storyteller

Emotions flow from my soul’s shore
While I recite stories & folklore.
I craft dreams, never dreamed before
As from my soul, stories out-pour.

I’m a wordsmith, like a magician
Creating visions is my profession.
Various generations can envision
As I blend creativity with tradition.

I don’t have any fancy desire
Valuable gold isn’t what I aspire.
All I want from my tale-telling art
Is a place in my listener’s heart.

A listener’s heart is my treasure
For it’s value, I can’t ever measure.
It would be my blissful pleasure
If my words could provide someone, leisure.

So, listeners, I want you to know
May my verses, within you forever echo.
So that, kings may rule, kings may go
But stronger, our bond shall always grow.



Note:- Storytelling has been an integral part of our society. In absence of maintaining records in the past, it was through the medium of storytelling that one generation was able to convey the moral & ethical values of their tradition to the next generation. Besides that I have always felt that the art of storytelling always carries a unique humanistic touch that unites the hearts of the tale-teller & the listener in a very mystic way. So this poem pertains to art of storytelling from the perspective of a storyteller & expresses the fact as to how a true storyteller actually weaves his/her magic & how important the listeners are to them.


41 thoughts on “The Storyteller

    1. Rhyming is an integral part of all my poems, because personally have this notion in my head that if I can rhyme then I can probably appeal to readers pertaining to all age groups. I respect those who indulge in blank verse format of poetry but I personally feel more at easy when it comes to rhyming. Truly humbled by the goodness of your compliment 🙂

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      1. Honestly, I don’t even know all the proper poem terminology. I can write Cinquain and Haiku because they are easy to remember. I’ve tried studying and experimenting…I’m a literary writer by nature. 🙂

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      2. Oh, that sounds interesting, I’m was a creative writing student in college & that’s where I got my impulsive creativity from. I still vividly remember in my last semester I wrote a poem in the paper that was something like
        “Jack & Jill went up the hill
        to have a bit of fun
        But stupid Jill forgot the pill
        & now they have a son” but I connected the same with teen pregnancy & made some serious sense out of that lol. By the way, I love the style of literary writers. I certainly look forward to reading more of your writings in the near future, do you have any favorite authors?

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      3. Hahaha! That poem of Jack and Jill resonates with me, as I became pregnant my senior year of high school. My daughter save my life, and I love her more than anything. My girl, she’s been my greatest champion, and has encouraged me to follow my dreams. I actually published my first literary novel in April of this year. My favorite novel is The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Path. I’m also a huge admirer of her poetry. I also love John Steinbeck, William Golding, and J.D. Salinger. Another novel I love is The Painted Veil, by W. Somerset Maugham.

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      4. Aww I feel nothing is more poetically beautiful than a mothers’ bond with her child & those are some really good authors. I personally am a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, E. Hemingway & Khalil Gibran. It was a pleasure interacting with you miss but it’s 4:40 am at my end & i need to head for bed please give my heartfelt regards to your daughter & family members. It was an absolute pleasure interacting with you. Please do stay in touch miss. 🙂

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      5. Yes, those are classic masterpieces, in terms of his poems the Raven, Dream Within A Dream & Anabel Lee really appealed to me. I wrote a poem based on the Raven but unlike the Raven it ends on a positive note. It’s called the Peacock, please give it a read whenever you can, I’d love to know what a fellow Poe fan thinks about it. In short stories apart from the ones that you mentioned, I also enjoyed his story “Tell Tale Heart” 🙂


      6. Lol nice to know that you like that short story of his as well. Thanks for respecting my suggestion. I’m currently working on a poem that pertains to depression, I’ll surely give your other posts a read soon as well 😊


  1. I love this part:
    I don’t have any fancy desire
    Valuable gold isn’t what I aspire.
    All I want from my tale-telling art
    Is a place in my listener’s heart.
    I love telling stories too but love to listen to it more. 🙂

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    1. I exalted to know that you loved that part! That part kinda sums up my own thought of what a true writer really yearns for from his/her readers. I love creating stories, crafting the characters fitting them into storylines does give me a thrill but yes listening to stories is an equally captivating experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & blessing my verses with a place in your heart 😊

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    1. Thanks yes storytelling has a magnetic effect, & it’s a mystical moment that both the storyteller and the listeners enjoy. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights! Really grateful to you for your kind words😊

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    1. Life isn’t just measured by the number of breaths we take, it’s also measured by the lives we touch. So yes I personally aim to touch the lives of my readers with my words & establish a direct heart to heart bond with them. Thank you for your generous feedback.


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