Quote: Friendship

Note: Friendship is a blissful bond that binds two heartbeats into one. Today on the occasion of Friendships Day just want to thank my friends & followers without whose support my blog wouldn’t be were it is today. You guys have been like angels of mercy,  you guys have unconditionally blessed me with your never-ending love & support, thus constructively changing my tears of depair into tears of joy. I’ll be eternally indebted to you all, for the way  you guys ingnited a positive change in my life. I wish you all a very Happy Friendships Day from the bottom of my soul. Let’s celebrate the most beautiful gift bestowed upon the mankind (friendship), together with smiles. ❤ 🙂 


12 thoughts on “Quote: Friendship

    1. Thank you for instilling my heart with a divine pleasure produced by charismatic bliss of your creativity. The wicked shackles of life & my deprivation of the luxury of time sometimes forbid me from commenting & expressing my admiration towards your posts, but I want you to always remember that I do read your posts & they always bring a smile on my face so please never stop writing 🙂


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