Quote: My Insanity 




Note: I often felt this way as I was victimized by a negative phase in my life. Based on my personal experience I’d just like to say to anyone going through a similar turmoil that don’t loose hope, don’t quit on yourself. No matter how dark & depressing the night maybe the beauty of dawn shall usher in a glorious day.


22 thoughts on “Quote: My Insanity 

    1. Yes one doesn’t know whether an insane person is a lost dreamer or an intellectual whose visions & thoughts are beyond the horizon of our comprehension. So in my view it’s always better to treat everyone with compassion and respect. Thanks for expressing your thoughts and taking out time to go through this post.

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    1. Yes I agree with you we try to hide, we try to pretend to be civilized following the society’s code of conduct trying to justify our moral sanity not knowing that the same code of conduct can lead us to a state of helplessness and insanity. Thabks Sakshi for going through this post, your beautiful thought has added a charismatic depth to this post 😊

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  1. The depths of this poem are endless. It truly speaks to your struggle and the struggle we all have within. I loved that your have your poem on background. Also, your comment of support is up lifting. Brilliant work. 😀

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    1. I’m truly humbled by your compliment this was a quote though. My poems are a bit long with rhymes. Nonetheless I’m truly humbled by the way you respected my invitation & decorated this post with such delightful compliment that my heart melts in gratitude towards your kindness 🙂

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  2. It is a terrifying place to be when faced with our reality. Then lovingly made to face ourselves on the journey to bring the kingdom written in Words to this earth. We have finally reached a space in this glimpse in time when the creative parts of ourself rise. We live in pain when an inner voiced silently ate us away….thank you for putting a chunk of substance in little words.

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