My Mentor, My Friend

In office, it was my first day
Things seemed depressingly gray.
I was confused, in total disarray
Felt lost, unable to find a way

The workload made me insecure
I felt helpless to my soul’s core.
Criticized, victimized me like never before
I simply couldn’t handle it anymore.

But you came, like a shining knight
As my mentor, you entered my life.
Amidst my darkness, you were my light
For even in pain, you made me smile.

Whenever I felt, I’d reached a dead-end
My shattered hopes, you used to mend.
And I don’t know how or when
From my mentor, you became my friend.

The sight of “Sidharth typing” on skype
Might have given you headaches & teary eyes.
I credit your patience, for my professional rise
& for my deadly questions, I do apologize.

Reminiscently, I recall the times we had
The good ones & even the bad.
Guiding me, you always held my hand
My troubles, you sincerely tried to understand.

Now.. I bow in respect as we part
Please keep me… somewhere in your heart.
I’ll cherish you in the future, present & past
Beyond the office, may our bond forever last.



Note: I’m on the brink of joining a new organization & was reminiscently thinking of the times I had at my last workplace. This poem is dedicated to my mentors who believed in me even when I myself had lost faith in my capabilities. It wasn’t a pleasure cruise when I started my job at my last employer, I was haunted by a sense of insurity, but the people in the picture mentored me at different stages of my professional & personal life. I strongly believe that it’s due to their unflinching patience, their unconditional support & love towards me that propelled me beyond my true potential. The way they blessed me with their understanding sparked a positive change within me, I may have joined the organization as a helpless & insure person but thanks to my mentors I’m leaving the organization as a confident & dependable man.Working in my new organization I hope to touch other people’s lives the way my mentors touched mine. I would also like to thank some of my other colleagues (Sachi, Ashish, Krishna, Ritu & Ankit) for their heart rendering support towards me. 


32 thoughts on “My Mentor, My Friend

  1. Sidharth, this is very touching & beautiful.
    It was a fantastic journey from have guiding you to finally work with you!
    Cheers to all the ‘panic before the meetings’, Skype sessions, khuchro paap, and of course the all-nighters!
    Very best wishes for all your future endeavours! May you enjoy all the success you deserve!

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    1. Lol yes thanks for your guidance and support, I had promised you that I will write a poem for you 😊 Thanks for the well wishes, wish you more & better in the future, do stay in touch 😊

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      1. I feel blessed by the generosity of my dear followers like you. Your kind words gift me a rare smile & the feeling of my gratitude towards you can’t be described in words. All I can say is I’m truly grateful to you for your affection & support, please feel free to explore any of my past writings according to your convenience. It’s good hearted followers like you that are the very heartbeat of this blog. I sincerely hope that I never let your expectations down with any of my future posts 🙂

        Warm Regards,


    1. Yea it was just a small effort of expressing my gratitude towards them, for I know that I can never repay them for the way they contributed towards my development as a human in general. Thanks Sakshi for your lovely inputs 😊

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  2. Hey! I really like the way you play with words and you structure your posts! I went through quite a few but i loves this one most as actually i am very lucky to have few mentors in my life that gave me very valuable lessons. Not only at work but also in private life! I think it is impossible to have mentor in order to become one in the future and this is my goal. Great reading and great blog! Have a good day!

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    1. Thanks Kla for your heart warming compliment for my post, Im glad to know that like me you too were blessed with mentors that were extremely supportive towards you, Lastly, I have to confess the spirit of explorer that resides within you has inspired me to a great extent to look at life from a different perspective. I’m sure that you’ll be a flawless mentor in someone else’s life and I feel that you’ll touch their life in such a positive way that you yourself won’t be able to imagine. Keep smiling, keep exploring and keep touching lives my dear friend, I stay indebted to your kind words. Wish you have a glorious evening ahead. 😊


      1. I see myself as a student, a keen learner rather than a preacher. I try to possess a sense of humility in my heart I intend to learn & understand the various aspects of life from people around me, be it my supervisors or my subordinates. The ability to learn from others with humility and have a desire to establish direct heart to heart bonds with others are the basic pillars that lays the foundation for good mentorship so I guess I’m still in the process. I’m truly humbled by the kindness of your words it’s a delightful experience as always to interact and exchange ideas with you Kla. Hope you have a day that is as glorious as your graceful words 😊

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  3. That’s a wonderful dedication. I’m sure you’ll continue to leave an impact on the lives of others, be it through your writings or at work. All the best in your new workplace! 😊

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    1. My mentors propelled my capabilities, they believed in me when I myself didn’t believe in my abilities. I know I can never repay them for what they have done for me, so making this poem to express my gratitude towards them was the least I could do. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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