Quote: A Bond

Note: Bonds are an awe-inspiring entity for they are the cathedral of our dreams & also formulate the reasons for nightmares at the time of separation. I feel that it is a traumatizing experience when any bond breaks because they form an integral part of us to such an extent that when they break, a part of our soul breaks along with them. In a nutshell my feelings towards bonds are best expressed with this quote from Life of Pi – “I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.”


25 thoughts on “Quote: A Bond

  1. This is sooo accurate! But even if bonds break, memories stay forever and i think there is ALWAYS something we learn in everything. And a broken bond will just lead to a better and stronger man because we will have improved by that time.🙂

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    1. Yes that a great positive way to looking at the same situation, but yes we mustn’t be too dependent on our bonds because we enter this world alone & we must depart it alone all by ourselves. The bonds we share do make our life a joyful experience, but one must not get enslaved by the same to such an extent that they start to paralyze our own individual existence. Nonetheless, a lovely thought of yours to ponder upon thanks for expressing such a lovely thought 🙂


  2. Your type of writing is incredible.
    Each poetry that you create is long yet so exact and has all the emotions at once.
    This particular quote is one of my favourite – the way it contains black and white, good and bad. Just like yin and yang that show the the best and the worst in the bonding.
    All I can do is to applaud.

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    1. Pain changes a person’s perspective in life, I just aim to channelize the emotions from my painful experiences in the past in a way so that I can connect with others. Truly humbled by the kindness of your words miss 🙂


    1. Maybe that’s because love in itself sometimes becomes a deceptive illusion. I’m sorry for sounding so cold & negative some of my thoughts are crafted based on my painful experiences of the past. But yes I certainly find your thought very noble, wish love could propagate more freely without any barriers.

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  3. I too know greatly that of which you speak. Currently in the unknowing on a venture of new love that has it’s challenges. I remain open and empowered to risk the heart again and again…. Did that sound convincing? ….slinks off under covers of worry

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    1. Your words were meaningful, if we don’t find get our heart broken, then how can we possibly encounter that special someone who is willing to mend our broken heart with their unconditional love ❤ Wish you all the very best of luck as you embrace new ventures of love in your life 🙂

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