Pain – My Preacher

Once upon a Twilight, teary
As I felt weak & weary.
Happiness seemed an imaginary theory
For life, was dull & dreary.

Demons danced inside my brain
They screamed, they drove me insane.
My sadness, I couldn’t contain
With tears, I greeted Pain.

Pain came, with a deadly grace
It enveloped me, in its tight embrace.
Pain smirked, knowing I couldn’t escape
A dagger came out, from its briefcase

As Pain mated with my fate
With time, Pain became my soulmate.
Imbuing wisdom, Pain made me great
My Pain’s preaching, I celebrate.

Pain had stabbed my helpless heart
My wounded soul, it had ripped apart.
But Pain also showed me a new path
With wisdom, I had made a new start.

Pain’s dagger had made me bleed
But also wisdom, it engraved, within me.
With my bleeding soul, now I feel mystique
Resilient I am, no longer I feel weak.

Note: Sometimes life gives more painful experiences than death. Pain is something that plagues & corrupts everyone’s life every now & then. At times we do feel helpless & broken but it is at this juncture in life when I urge my readers to push through the pain, seek wisdom & fortitude from your misery. See pain as an opportunity to evolve as a stronger individual, embrace & celebrate it rather than getting bogged down by it’s negativity. Please do let me know if you ever had/ having any painful experience in your life that you feel like sharing by commenting down below as a concerned friend just want you to know that I’m always there for you & feel free to reach out to me if that pain is unbarable, together we are going to fight through it with a smile. 🙂 ❤ 

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29 thoughts on “Pain – My Preacher

    1. Every life has a purpose, there was a time when I myself questioned the true meaning of my existence but I guess I had to be victimized by hate and misfortune in order to understand the true essence of compassion and fortitude. So please don’t let the negativity get to you, your existence like mine has a purpose. My depressing phase made me stronger mentally so please value your life, rise and smile with such fortitude that even your demons get intimated by your resilience. Your life isn’t in vain, it has a purpose to conquer the depressing situation at your end and hence inspire others. Feel free to get in touch with me whenever you feel like I’m always here for you 😊

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      1. Thank you for you kind words. The things about times like these, I wish we knew of a definite end date. I know it eventually comes to an end and better days are coming but like in any trial, you get tired of waiting even when we try not to. Thanks again for reaching out! It means alot!

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      2. Anytime dear friend stay strong, stay true to your values & I’m sure you’ll emphatically overcome the depressing situation at your end. In case you need any moral support I want you to know that I’m only a message away. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you feel like 🙂


  1. Most of the “poems” I see on blogs here don’t follow even the basic etiquette of rhyming, alliteration etc. Their poems are just line spaced proses, but you my friend, you don’t have that problem, it is a very alleviating experience for me to finally read a well written poem after such a long time, kudos to you my friend!

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    1. Rhyming is an integral part of all my poems I do try to back it up with a logical thought, from time to time I do try to add more poetic devices like symbolism, similes & metaphors. I’m delighted to know that it was an alleviating experience for you to go through my poem. Please feel free to explore any of my past poems as well. Do keep in touch friend hope you have day which is as glorious as your feedback 🙂

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  2. I think through your poem you have conveyed such deep thoughts that truly touched my soul. 🙂
    It is true that we have to battle through our life come what may, and pain is definitely one of the many obstacles that prevents from finishing so it is honestly very hard to overcome it and people who know how to deal with it might be the most powerful people.
    You did an excellent job, sir! Very well!!

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    1. Yes that’s my personal perspective towards life, I aim to lead my life with a sense of stewardship soaking in the pain, being kind & humble to others around me & eventually leaving the situation in a better state for someone else to follow. If life gives you desert make sure you leave it transforming it into a valley of blooming roses. That’s my outlook towards & I’m humbled by the praise that you blessed my words with 🙂

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      1. Yes, I do feel gifted to have received the goodness & well wishes of my various readers like you. The love & support of my readers is my biggest gift in life because it’s this love & support that ignites inspiration in my heart to write the way I write. So thanks for your love & support, please feel free to go through any of my writings whenever you feel like & please don’t be a stranger Nora. Wishing you & your family eternal happiness 🙂

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  3. Your writing is beautifully raw and flows wonderfully. The notes at the end are very touching, shows despite the darkness of your poetry, there shines light and hope at the end. Continue to guide and write from your soul, its lovely to read. 🙂

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