Corporate Chameleon

I see you stepping into the office
& the very sight makes me nauseous.
Those who see you as human, are mistaken
I know that you’re a living form of Satan.

You, senselessly plan to allocate work
Setting unrealistic deadlines, you go berserk.
Ignoring your work, you’re a serial slacker
Highly unproductive, you just blabber.

Like a fat boy, cherishes cookies & nuts
You worship & lick the boss’ butt.
I get headaches, from your constant chatter
& my ears bleed with your false flatter.

With deceiving words, you manipulate others
Like a chameleon you too change your colors.
While others day-dream about breaking your neck
Yet you work with no professionalism or respect.

Work with dedication & values my friend
Because once your manipulative games end.
Others will kick your rear-end, for your deceit 
 & it’ll hurt, whenever you sit on the toilet seat.



Note: Yes corporate life can be stressful at times, but sometimes there are certain individuals who add fuel to the fire with their deceitful & manipulative actions. It’s really sad with the way some people resort to indulging in such kind of malpractices at work, with an objective of passing the buck rather than take full ownership of the task assigned to them. This poem in a humorous way tries to expose & criticize that very mentality which seems to be propagating on all levels of professional world.  Work with professional ethics & moral values to earn your daily bread, don’t resort to manipulation in order to climb the ladder. 


23 thoughts on “Corporate Chameleon

  1. Wow,I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem bud! It really shows how corporate field men are being pissed by their heads,kinda looks like you’ve gone through the same lol.
    And also,congratulations on crossing 300+ followers on WordPress! Keep growing,wish you achieve great heights in life.
    Much love and regards:)

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    1. I’m delighted that you enjoyed the poem Pia 😁, but just want to emphasize that ass-lickers exist on every level of corporate not just the corporate biggies / top level management. Even at the the entry level & mid level management you will find people who would resort to false flattering rather than professional ethics as a way of climbing the professional ladder. So yea I aim to criticize not just a particular section of the corporate instead I try to criticize the mentality that aims at manipulating rather putting in the efforts. Btw you know Pia funny poems aren’t my forte lol, but I’m exalted by the fact that you enjoyed this poem 😊


      1. Ofcourse Sid
        Sometimes i get so angry seeing these kind of people that i forget they are human
        They will get what they are sowing now at this moment

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      2. I believe that devils & angels don’t exist in hell and heaven instead they reside within all us, it depends on us & the choice we make regarding which one of them we embrace into our existence. But yea sometimes I too get angry and frustrated with people possessing that kind of work ethics, but then I realize that anger & hate can never provide a good solution to any situation, so I just focus on maintaining my own goodness & just hope that the devil in those people dies on its own someday. Thanks Pia for your valuable thoughts I always cherish the views you express pertaining to my poems 😊

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    1. Thanks for such a kind hearted feedback for this poem, my soul smiles with delight when my priceless readers like you can relate with my verses. Thanks for your readership and kind support 😊

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  2. 🙂 Thank you for the giggles, this poem was well thought out. I could feel the frustration woven into the humor. With these types of people you almost need the humor to keep yourself from becoming homicidal. Ha. Thank you for visiting my page and prompting me to check out your work. It was well worth the visit. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jodie for respecting my invitation, nothing makes me more happy than knowing that my readers had a smile upon reading my writings so thank you for providing me & my words the opportunity to connect with you ☺️

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  3. Yes, we all feel the same on a daily basis. When it is about promotion or money, people tend to forget about moral codes and humanity. Yet they are inclined to despise other species for their unethical and instinctive behavior. Wearing ties and tights is not a reason to be condescending and arrogant.

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    1. I truly could not have agreed with you more on that, one needs to shed their selfish desires & work with strong moral values rather than resorting to manipulative ways of degrading others. I wish the cut throat competition mentality was replaced by a sense of corporation & understanding towards one another. I’m humbled by the fact that you took out time to read through my writings & express your thoughts 🙂

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