1000 Likes : Gratitude

I woke up to this heart warming notification in the morning.


I sat in my bed with a tear in my eye as I realized, how my readers made my blog grow beyond my imagination.This blog started off as an emotional therapy for me, it was a way of expressing the emotions of my heart in their truest form. Through the medium of my poems,  I wrote about my outlook towards life & with the love & support of my readers this blog exceeded my expectations. Gradually this blog has become a part of my daily life now, because now I don’t see it just as an outlet to express myself but I also see it as a platform through which I can connect with all the lovely readers across the globe. My heart bows in gratitude towards all my readers & critics who considered my writings worthy enough of their valuable time. I have always felt that this blog belongs to my readers more than it belongs to me. Thank you for nurturing our blog with your unconditional love & support.  It’s not my poems that have made our blog what it is today, it’s the bliss of your love towards our blog that has raised & propelled it beyond its true potential. My words simply can’t describe the true essence of gratitude I have towards you all, thanks everyone for their love & support ❤


25 thoughts on “1000 Likes : Gratitude

  1. Congratulations Sid on your number of likes on your blog. You deserve it. Your words touch many people’s hearts and most can relate to them. Proud of you.

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    1. Truly grateful to you Kamakshi for such a sweet well wish. I do read your posts every now & then, I’m always left awestruck with your incredible writing skills. Thanks for following my blog so consistently and kind words coming from an amazing writer like you really mean a lot to me. May your blog continue to sparkle the perfect blend of your wisdom and creativity 😊

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      1. My pleasure, didn’t sugarcoat anything though. I meant every word of what I said so no need to say thanks to me was just being honest about your true potential really 😊

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  2. Watching your progression is key !!!! That’s the best part about it and it certainly takes time to develop. I see you going very far with these inspirational poems. Keep expressing yourself! You have a friend and supporter in me! 🙂

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    1. It’s an absolute privilege to have a friend & supporter like you. It’s the good hearted people like you who encourage & support me to write poems, I fall short of words while expressing my gratitude towards all my support as words can’t describe the true extent of my gratitude towards you all. My gratitude towards you all is immeasurable really, my heart bows with delight towards all your kindness 😊

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