Repaying Mother

Mother, Ever since I was a kid
Towards me you were always committed.
So I thought of making a list
Of all things for me that you did.

Writing your deeds, I broke down in tears
Recalling, how you had sacrificed for years.
Twig by twig, like a sparrow builds her nest
Withstanding adversities, you nurtured me beyond your best.

How did you sacrifice with a smile?
How did you hide your tears every night?
How did you make things appear to be alright?
How did you protect me and still managed to fight?

You gave me your love, without any grand demand
Amidst insecurities, you always held my hand
My soul’s agony, somehow ,you always understand.
Any pain for me, you were there to withstand.

I run out of paper and ink
Somewhere deep down, my heart shrinks.
Recalling your deeds & your sacrifices, I rethink
My inability to repay you, makes my heart sink.

So from the core of my soul, I wish to say
I’m sorry… for the sacrifices you had to make.
I’m sorry…for all my mistakes
I’m sorry… I can’t repay you in any way.

Insolvent, under you feet I keep my heart
& a promise that our bond, will never fall apart.
So please never ask me, to repay your debt
Because I still can’t repay, it till my last breath.


Note: A mother’s love is so purely unconditional  & immeasurable that a child can never repay it. This poem is for all the mothers may you continue to shower your eternal love on your children ❤


46 thoughts on “Repaying Mother

    1. Yes the initial thought was of posting this yesterday but I just thought spending time with my mother making her realize how special is to me was more important than posting the poem lol. I’m grateful to you that you enjoyed the poem & expressed your opinion😊


  1. Amazing poem! As a mom who loves a mom you made me cry and smile at the same time …..You are truly a magician of words and feelings 🙂 Thank you dear Sid!

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  2. Written so beautifully. There is a hidden guilt in my soul for my behaviour towards my parents when I was growing up. I suppose that is life and all we can do is live and learn from our mistakes.

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    1. The fact you are accepting it & willing to change the situation in a positive way , in itself is a very positive thing! The most beautiful thing about a parent and child bond is the unconditional love of a parent towards their child. So don’t feel guilty about the past just hug them with a smile & I’m sure you’ll be forgiven 😊


    1. I personally don’t write stuff based on thoughts or emotions, I write with a fragment of my soul so whatever comes it comes out of my soul really I’m grateful to you for your readership and expressing a positive feedback 😊

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    1. This poem aimed at appreciating and saluting universal motherhood, words simply can’t glorify the true extent of the greatness of a mother’s love towards her kids but I’m glad you found my poem lovely😊


    1. I personally feel that a bond between a mother & a child isn’t so fragile that the emotions can be hindered by the entity of distance. She’s a part of your existence just like you are a part of her existence so don’t feel that you are far away from her, for I’m sure she resides in your heart 🙂 Thanks for the positive feedback ❤

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  3. I finally had a chance to look through your site. Beautiful poetry. As a mother, this one especially resonates with me. Personally, the joy of watching my son grow into himself is all the reward I will ever need. Any mother would be deeply proud of you for the beautiful words you’ve created in her honour.

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    1. Thanks for taking out the time to go through my poem whenever a mother comments presenting size of the story & appreciating this poem, then I really do bow in gratitude. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts & appreciating my poem😊

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    1. Thanks for your kind feedback, & honestly speaking I bet my might have contrasting opinions on the raised up well part, especially the way I tend to annoy her with my exotic demands 😂 but on the serious note I know that I can never repay my mum for all that she has done for me 😊


  4. This was a really heart touch poem. After reading a few of your poems, I have to say, I like how concrete your images are and how you cleverly write your end rhymes.

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