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I woke up to this heart warming notification in the morning.


I sat in my bed with a tear in my eye as I realized, how my readers made my blog grow beyond my imagination.This blog started off as an emotional therapy for me, it was a way of expressing the emotions of my heart in their truest form. Through the medium of my poems,  I wrote about my outlook towards life & with the love & support of my readers this blog exceeded my expectations. Gradually this blog has become a part of my daily life now, because now I don’t see it just as an outlet to express myself but I also see it as a platform through which I can connect with all the lovely readers across the globe. My heart bows in gratitude towards all my readers & critics who considered my writings worthy enough of their valuable time. I have always felt that this blog belongs to my readers more than it belongs to me. Thank you for nurturing our blog with your unconditional love & support.  It’s not my poems that have made our blog what it is today, it’s the bliss of your love towards our blog that has raised & propelled it beyond its true potential. My words simply can’t describe the true essence of gratitude I have towards you all, thanks everyone for their love & support ❤


For My Bully (Collaborated with Tejasvi)

Hello my cruel tyrant “friend”,
I wonder when your hate towards me would end.
You laugh, when my pride, you crucify,
I wonder why you smile when I cry?

Your sadistic ways malevolently crush my soul,
And in my heart leave more than one gaping wide hole.
Your sticks and stones may merely break some bones,
But your cruel words, rip through my soul’s core.

Your continuous torment never ceases to maim me,
And in me, they instill insecurity.
I know that inside, I must be strong,
But do you even realize, what you’re doing wrong?

And in my heart, I wish to not harbor hate,
Yet my misery with delight you celebrate.
A negative world in me you plan to create,
As my integral essence you aim to annihilate.

You call me various names,
That amplify the pain in my brain.
But hopefully someday things will change,
omeday towards me you’ll be humane.

We share the same breath of air,
So why do you love to pull my hair?
The color of my blood, like yours is red,
So why is your kindness towards me dead?

Sometimes I don’t understand your intention,
I question how you can smile over my tension.
Do you bully me to grab attention,
Or do you love being a social infection?

Keeping my head up, your oppression I defy,
I won’t break, I won’t helplessly cry.
You’ll witness the change in me this time,
When I confront you with my rebellious eyes.

For I’m done taking your shit,
I’m done hearing that in life I can’t make it,
You shouldn’t have degraded me; you’ll wish it,
As your ego I’ll destroy, to shreds I’ll rip it.

To you I will no longer justify,
You will no longer threaten my identity.
To me you will have to testify,
When all this is over, you’ll plead guilty.

And when I’m done with you, you will see,
You’ll come to respect my individuality.
I am not your puppet, I am not a play-doll,
For your nefarious ways you’ll have to take the fall.

That day, your sins you’ll realize,
And you’ll come to me with remorseful eyes.
To me you will finally apologize,
We’ll shake hands, as the bully in you dies.

Note: – My childhood was deeply affected with bullying & based on my first hand experience of bullying all I can say is that bullying isn’t restricted to a certain individual or their actions, it’s a cold-blooded mentality to seek pleasure by victimizing a person. It’s a spineless act of crushing a person’s soul just to attain a sadistic pleasure by seeing the other person’s misery & helplessness. So through the medium of this poem I have tried to take a stand against bullying by questioning it’s existence & criticizing it. I would like add that I had the privilege to collaborate with Tejasvi who with her flawless creativity contributed towards this poem significantly. Do check out her blog > https://tejasvikashyap.wordpress.com/   I’m sure you’ll be mesmerized with the beauty of her thoughts.

Destroyed In Your Love

Reminiscent, I recall the times we had
When I felt, your comforting hands.
When your eyes, shined with love for me
When your love, was deeper than the sea.

When it seemed you completed my life
When I regarded you as my paradise.
But, blinded in love, I didn’t realize
That even you, had a wicked side.

I still remember, that disturbing day
That day… when you drew away.
Shattered, my life was in a disarray
Coldly, we parted, on our separate ways.

I miss, your comforting hands
But, you need space, I understand.
I aspire, that love in your eyes
But, I guess all that was lies.

Even Adam, wouldn’t have cried
on being banished, from the paradise.
The way, tears of blood, I cried
Upon loosing you… My paradise.

You left me, with my fears
You gifted my eyes, many tears.
Still I hope, you smile for years
For I value, your smile more than my tears.

You tricked me, in your satanic spell
Yet for your future, I wish you well.
I can’t hate you, my darling dove
Even if, I get destroyed in your love.


Note: Love is a glorious enigma & mystic are it’s ways of dribbling in our lives, but there are times when things don’t go right in a bond of love & we tend to sear with hate when our expectations burn to ashes. This poem tries to portray the purity of unconditional love that resonates even when a love bond breaks & I wish to convey that one should probably treat those broken bonds as a memory rather than letting hate corrupt the purity & spirituality that the bond once possessed.When love destroys you from within don’t embrace hate as a way of seeking strength. 

Repaying Mother

Mother, Ever since I was a kid
Towards me you were always committed.
So I thought of making a list
Of all things for me that you did.

Writing your deeds, I broke down in tears
Recalling, how you had sacrificed for years.
Twig by twig, like a sparrow builds her nest
Withstanding adversities, you nurtured me beyond your best.

How did you sacrifice with a smile?
How did you hide your tears every night?
How did you make things appear to be alright?
How did you protect me and still managed to fight?

You gave me your love, without any grand demand
Amidst insecurities, you always held my hand
My soul’s agony, somehow ,you always understand.
Any pain for me, you were there to withstand.

I run out of paper and ink
Somewhere deep down, my heart shrinks.
Recalling your deeds & your sacrifices, I rethink
My inability to repay you, makes my heart sink.

So from the core of my soul, I wish to say
I’m sorry… for the sacrifices you had to make.
I’m sorry…for all my mistakes
I’m sorry… I can’t repay you in any way.

Insolvent, under you feet I keep my heart
& a promise that our bond, will never fall apart.
So please never ask me, to repay your debt
Because I still can’t repay, it till my last breath.


Note: A mother’s love is so purely unconditional  & immeasurable that a child can never repay it. This poem is for all the mothers may you continue to shower your eternal love on your children ❤


I realize, the hidden sadness in your eyes
I hear, your soul’s lament, as it cries.
Alone at night, under the scattered stars
I see, you trying to hide your scars.

Your scars, remind of your past
You fear that, they’ll forever last.
Tears, stream down from your face
You cry bitterly, thinking you’re a disgrace.

The blood in your veins, becomes cold
Your helpless heart, changes into a stone.
You fight your depression, on your own
I know, what’s it like to cry alone.

I empathize, with your immeasurable pain
But don’t give up, things will change.
From the core of my soul, to you I say
Even with scars, you’re beautiful in your own way.

Your existence, is bigger than your scars
In dark, you too, shall shine like the stars.
Your scars, can’t corrupt your inner grace
So replace your tears, with a smile, on your face.

None has ever walked in your shoes
So don’t care, about their judgemental views.
Value yourself, to yourself, you remain true
Don’t do things, you know that, you shouldn’t do.

Let me, kiss your scarred hand
Let me, show you I understand.
From the core of my soul, to you I say
Even with scars, you’re beautiful in your own way.


Note: If a person is physically injured some people do care about that person but sometimes when a person is going through psychological problems like depression, anxiety, etc almost everyone gets indifferent towards the agony of that person. To be honest I myself was on the verge of harming myself few years ago, so I know how overwhelming the emotional turmoil can be sometimes. This poem is for anyone who has ever faced any kind of sadness or depression in their lives. It’s easy to judge & mock at anyone’s misery but it takes real skill to take out time to heal each other. I request my readers to be compassionate towards people who are going through any kind of psychological problem. Don’t be disgusted at the sight of their scars, instead see them as spaces through which you can reach out to their souls with your love.

Twin flame

Twin Flame

None knew, his traumatic troubles
None understood, his emotional struggles.
For he was a cold lone heart
A pale ignored loner, from the start.

She was an angel from the sky
Her beauty was a treat for every eye.
She glided like a beautiful butterfly
From her blazing aura, surroundings got purified.

It was a fairytale night
The angel’s beauty­ was in its prime.
Angel dazzled, in the loner’s eye
Lost in the moment, he was mesmerized.

Violins played, cupids playfully conspired
Seeing her, his heart conceived love’s fire.
To melt in her soul, was his desire
To be her’s, is what he aspired.

Loner never had love, he was deprived
So he was hesitant & awkwardly shy.
Angel sensed purity, in loner’s teary eyes
Warmly, she hugged him, the loner smiled.

Their bond, wasn’t a one night affair
Their feelings, never died in thin air.
For each other’s smile, they mutually cared
Their bond, was majestically rare.

Their flame of love, remained the same
Passion, still runs wild in their veins.
Their hearts still breathe, each other’s name
For they are, each other’s twin flame.

Luis Royo - Fantasy Art - Gothic Angel Holding Demon-618077.jpeg.opt660x450o0,0s660x450

Note:- Human connections are quite blissful in their own respect, one such blissful connection is that of soulmates. Soulmates are those blessed people who may not be perfect for each other, yet their souls unite into one by understanding each other’s imperfections perfectly. So this poem tries to glorify true love by highlighting the purity of love that flows between two soulmates.