When you push through pain
While agony burns your veins.
When people mock, giving you names
Still your dedication remains the same.

When you loose track of time
& work from sunset to sunrise.
When in darkness, there’s no light
Yet your inner fire burns bright.

When you dare to dream
Without fantasies affecting work.
When you bravely lead
Without ego driving you berserk.

When others, say nasty things about you
Twisting words, to make false sound true.
When amidst that naysayers’ hate
A great legacy you intend to create.

When even in glory, you know
How in gratitude to bow.
When in life you grow
Yet, relate to others’ pain, somehow.

Then, yours is the earth
& everything under the sun.
Your soul will engage in rebirth
As you’ll be a man of values, my son.

Note: This poem tries to emphasize the importance of moral & ethical values that formulate a person’s existence, sometimes it’s not about how things are or in what  sphere of life you are in, but what matters is how ethically you deal with the situation.  

“Then, yours is the earth
& everything under the sun.
Your soul will engage in rebirth
As you’ll be a man of values, my son.”




18 thoughts on “When

  1. guidance for u hmm thanks for expressing u for the animal of pain u can allow to take over or not for the midst moment ur visions and words express things quite well all in all evolving is a beautiful bliss ful transition thanks. aahlin

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  2. I love the description in this poem. This is sort of how I feel about life in general. I fight to keep pushing on regardless of my past. I have dealt with a lot of abuse. This totally hits home! I love this! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I’m sorry to know that you had to go through that in the past, but I’ve gone through a lot in my past as well. Based on my personal experience I can say that a hardship or pain that makes you stronger and imbues you with a sense of wisdom is actually better than a luxury that makes you soft and egoistic. I’m glad you could relate to this poem of mine 😊

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    1. I’m deeply honored by your compliment regarding this post. Yea I did read that poem & just felt that in modern times our moral values are getting weak and brittle so just thought of writing something emphasizing about the importance of moral values in our lives. The fact you regard this poem of mine somewhat in the same way as Rudyard Kipling’s If really is a heart warming compliment

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