A Poet’s Words

The poet’s words, are a fragment of his soul
Embodiment of emotions, that were left untold.
So upon his words, if your eyes scroll
A lot about him, you can explore.

A poet plays with his rhymes
He weaves words in a way, that’s divine.
His words, his thoughts, glitter & shine
Through his creativity, he hopes to spread smiles.

As he constructs, his fantasy world
Reality to him, sometimes gets blurred.
His words, he creatively twists & turns
Various emotions, through his words, he churns.

With his words, some readers might relate
His words, some readers might find great.
His words, may fall prey, to readers’ hate
Nonetheless, creating rhymes, the creative fool celebrates.

For his words, aren’t governed by laws
His words, don’t seek decorated applause.
His words, just aim to exhibit emotions as art
His words, just seek a place in readers’ hearts.

Note: For a poet his/her words formulate a platform of expressing their feelings & those words work instrumentally in establishing a heart to heart bond between the poet & the readers. I personally believe that all my poetry & words belong to my readers as much as they belong to me, so this poem highlights the importance of that entity (words) that enabled me to connect with all my lovely readers.


38 thoughts on “A Poet’s Words

  1. You have talent! I am definitely going to go through all your word art! I love how you write…definitely keeps my attention. I am looking for more inspiration lol. Most my blog is of poetry. I have a few other things, but I have been writing poetry since I was 14 years old. I am so glad we connected! 🙂

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  2. the place and the atmosphere and how being in that space and when it truly strikes a chord and you truly have the words
    and the goods, one can always tell the creative harmony and the roads which has crossed so many bridges
    and you can tell by the depth and devotion. much respect indeed peace

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    1. Thank you sir, you made my heart melt with gratitude, with your heart warming words. The respect is mutual I regard your writings & your application of thought behind them really impressive so I hope to seek a lot of wisdom from your writings. Do stay in touch peace 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on killgwen and commented:
    Each word mean more than what it seems,
    The one writing feel it gleams,
    You the one reading it and what you’re getting,
    Multiply it, and it’s what we’re feeling.


    1. Yes now that I reflect back your post (the one that I read today) is pretty similar to this poem of mine, I guess great minds think alike lol 😎 thanks for your readership and expressing your thoughts regarding my writings in such a blissful way 😊

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  4. I really enjoyed reading this poem. As with many of the other people who have commented, I can really relate to this. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing. I love a good rhyme and the poem on my poetry blog here on WordPress is about rhyming in case you have time to look? Have a rhythmical weekend, Sam 

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    1. I write with a fragment of my soul in the tip of my pen, thanks for taking out time and considering my poem worthy of your readership. You positive feedback imbued my heart with delight


    1. I try to present a fragment of my soul in my words that I present to my readers. I feel as a passionate writer one must honestly present a part of his/her existence to the readers so that they can connect with the soul of the readers. I’m really grateful to you for your incredible support & the respect towards the art of writing is mutual. I too look forward to reading & witnessing more of your magical words 🙂

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