The Man

I knew a man, who always took a stand
For others, he always extended his helping hand.
Others’ sorrow he used to understand
He was a brave dependable man.

There were times, when things weren’t right
So on his happiness, the man compromised.
For others, he secretly sacrificed with a smile
For others, smiling he walked a million miles.

There were times, when he was financially weak
The resilient soul, still didn’t bow to greed.
One in a billion, his willpower was unique
He had values, his determination was mystique.

Like a warrior the man sacrificed selflessly
He never sidelined, any of his responsibility
Though fate tested him mercilessly
To others, he still provided a sense of security.

The man’s presence had a charismatic power
Yet he was humble & gentle like a flower.
Harbinger of hope, he motivated others
Like an artist, he sprinkled life’s joyful colors.

Although today, the man isn’t present physically
Although today, the man is just a memory….
The man, has still created an incorruptible legacy
& he still lives & breathes within me.


Note: Happy Birthday Dad, even though you aren’t physically there with me but I still feel that a part of you still lives within me. This poem is dedicated to my dad, who has constantly motivated me to evolve as a stronger individual in life. I just hope that I am capable of carrying forward his legacy & possess the strong moral & ethical values that my dad stood for.



6 thoughts on “The Man

    1. Thanks for ur readership & the generosity of your words I surely intend to read more writings of you as well. Look forward to hearing from you more do stay in touch friend & never let the words fall short 😊


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