Your Broken Dream

I know, you once had a dream
In ecstasy, you had crafted your galaxy.
Although to others, it was imaginary
Yet to you, it was more than reality.

But, victim of wicked twist of fate
Your dream, fell prey to destiny’s hate.
And as your haters, jumped to celebrate
You were left… broken and defaced.

Through all the blood, sweat & tears
You worked towards your dream for years.
But from you, when it disappeared
In agony you burnt, you seared.

I feel the pain, of your broken dream
I sense the trauma, that you breathe.
I see your tears, while your soul bleeds
But believe me, with time you’ll heal.

From my soul to you, I say
Even dark nights change into glorious days.
So regardless of what, the situation may be
Don’t abandon, your broken dream.

Never, let your hopes be crucified
Never break down, in tears to cry.
Never give up, on your inner drive
Never quit on your dream, and say goodbye.

Sometimes in life, dreams do break
Sometimes they reincarnate, into something great.
For the rebirth of your dream, to take place
Fortitude in your life, you must formulate.
So take a stand, for your broken dream
Push your limits to new extremes.
Fight all naysayers, and their evil schemes
Until you change, your dreams into reality.

Note: Our glittering eyes tend carry our glorious desires that take the form of our dreams. A dream gives a purpose to our existence, that’s why when dreams break, deep down we tend to feel as if, a fragment of our existence broke as well. This poem is for those all wounded dreamers like me, who had to compromise on their dreams due to the various situations in their lives. Hope this poem makes them realize that come hell or high waters, one should never compromise on their dream & should constantly work towards fulfilling it.


Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,

I hear your creepy sounds at night
The ones that sound like, pigs at fight.
As the notes of those creepy sounds, rise
I get a feeling, that something’s not right.

With your hands, stuffed in your pocket
You walk & talk, like a drunk hobbit.
No sane mortal, would go near your closet
As your lifestyle, none would like to audit.   

In creepiness, you are the undisputed leader
You are a messed up creature.
But, exhibiting human diversity, as a procedure
In your own respect, you’re a teacher.

We both may never, see eye to eye
At your house, I may never drop-by.
We both may never, shake hands
But your individuality, I respect & understand.

So I listen to your operatic voice
As your vocal chords, generate that creepy noise.
I wish living in peace, was a choice
Yet your creepy individuality, I somewhat rejoice.


Note:- This poem is dedicated to my creepy neighbor who never fails to amaze me with the extent of his creepiness lol , but through the medium of this poem I also want to highlight the fact that in a society different individuals exist & if we dislike certain individuals even then we must respect their individuality & give them space rather than treating them with hate or judgemental hostility. 


When you push through pain
While agony burns your veins.
When people mock, giving you names
Still your dedication remains the same.

When you loose track of time
& work from sunset to sunrise.
When in darkness, there’s no light
Yet your inner fire burns bright.

When you dare to dream
Without fantasies affecting work.
When you bravely lead
Without ego driving you berserk.

When others, say nasty things about you
Twisting words, to make false sound true.
When amidst that naysayers’ hate
A great legacy you intend to create.

When even in glory, you know
How in gratitude to bow.
When in life you grow
Yet, relate to others’ pain, somehow.

Then, yours is the earth
& everything under the sun.
Your soul will engage in rebirth
As you’ll be a man of values, my son.

Note: This poem tries to emphasize the importance of moral & ethical values that formulate a person’s existence, sometimes it’s not about how things are or in what  sphere of life you are in, but what matters is how ethically you deal with the situation.  

“Then, yours is the earth
& everything under the sun.
Your soul will engage in rebirth
As you’ll be a man of values, my son.”



A Poet’s Words

The poet’s words, are a fragment of his soul
Embodiment of emotions, that were left untold.
So upon his words, if your eyes scroll
A lot about him, you can explore.

A poet plays with his rhymes
He weaves words in a way, that’s divine.
His words, his thoughts, glitter & shine
Through his creativity, he hopes to spread smiles.

As he constructs, his fantasy world
Reality to him, sometimes gets blurred.
His words, he creatively twists & turns
Various emotions, through his words, he churns.

With his words, some readers might relate
His words, some readers might find great.
His words, may fall prey, to readers’ hate
Nonetheless, creating rhymes, the creative fool celebrates.

For his words, aren’t governed by laws
His words, don’t seek decorated applause.
His words, just aim to exhibit emotions as art
His words, just seek a place in readers’ hearts.

Note: For a poet his/her words formulate a platform of expressing their feelings & those words work instrumentally in establishing a heart to heart bond between the poet & the readers. I personally believe that all my poetry & words belong to my readers as much as they belong to me, so this poem highlights the importance of that entity (words) that enabled me to connect with all my lovely readers.

The Man

I knew a man, who always took a stand
For others, he always extended his helping hand.
Others’ sorrow he used to understand
He was a brave dependable man.

There were times, when things weren’t right
So on his happiness, the man compromised.
For others, he secretly sacrificed with a smile
For others, smiling he walked a million miles.

There were times, when he was financially weak
The resilient soul, still didn’t bow to greed.
One in a billion, his willpower was unique
He had values, his determination was mystique.

Like a warrior the man sacrificed selflessly
He never sidelined, any of his responsibility
Though fate tested him mercilessly
To others, he still provided a sense of security.

The man’s presence had a charismatic power
Yet he was humble & gentle like a flower.
Harbinger of hope, he motivated others
Like an artist, he sprinkled life’s joyful colors.

Although today, the man isn’t present physically
Although today, the man is just a memory….
The man, has still created an incorruptible legacy
& he still lives & breathes within me.


Note: Happy Birthday Dad, even though you aren’t physically there with me but I still feel that a part of you still lives within me. This poem is dedicated to my dad, who has constantly motivated me to evolve as a stronger individual in life. I just hope that I am capable of carrying forward his legacy & possess the strong moral & ethical values that my dad stood for.


Someone (Collaborated with Ana)

On a night, under the scattered stars
Mercilessly, you gave me scars.
You ripped my soul apart
As from my life, you decided to depart.

I cried helplessly, my soul screamed
You faded, like an unfulfilled dream.
Your memory, still haunts me in my sleep
But even without you, I know I’m complete.

Hopes in my heart, still echo & beat
For someone, who’ll be willing to heal me.
Someone, who’ll admire my inner beauty
Someone, who’ll breathe joy within me.

Someone, who’ll kiss my brutal scars
Someone, who’ll value my heart.
Someone,who’ll be my light in the dark
Someone, who’ll  be my shinning star.

Someone,  who’ll have a heart of gold
Someone, my hand who’ll always hold.
Someone, who’ll comfort my aching soul
Someone, who’ll love me even when I’m old.

You left me broken, but I won’t whine
Someone, would turn my cry into a smile.
That day my heart will dance, I will shine
With someone, whom I would call mine.

‘Someone, who’ll comfort my aching soul’

Note: You don’t need another human being to make your life complete, but let’s be honest. Having your wounds kissed by someone who doesn’t see them as disasters in your soul but sees them as space through which they can put their love into your being, is the most calming thing in this world. In this poem I collaborated with Ana who laid the foundation for this poem she’s a flawless writer do visit her blog, her creativity is amazing I’m sure you’ll like her writings.