If you…

With my love, I’ll worship you
For your smile, anything I’ll do.
But if you forget me…
I’ll forget you too.

Like the limitless ocean, my love would be
I’ll keep my heart at your feet.
But stepping over it, if you leave…
I’ll also leave, even if my heart bleeds.

For you, I’ll open my heart’s door
You, I’ll unconditionally adore.
But if my existence, you ignore…
Then from you, I’ll fade away for sure.

But if your heart, will carry my love’s fire
My heart too, shall reignite with desire.
The fragrance of your affection, I shall breathe
My angel, we’d be inseparable for eternity.

My precious, if you let our souls unite
I know, our bond will forever shine.
Our love, shall be like some wine
& it’s taste, will get better with time.


Note: I personally feel that my heart is like a mirror that projects back the emotions & love that it receives from people around me. I personally hate being neglected by the people I love but if they decide to walk out on me, I would erase their existence from my life too. For one-sided bonds are symbols of half love, half life. Be it any bond, the emotions of love & understanding should mutually flow from both sides for the bond to survive the various twists & turns of life.


17 thoughts on “If you…

    1. Thanks Ana, always a pleasure to hear from you. Honestly speaking I wasn’t all that pleased with this poem of mine & was thinking of deleting it but I guess it’s the goodness of my readers like you that gave me the courage to post the poem. I’m exalted to know that you liked it 😊


      1. Most welcome, I like the way you expressed your feelings through your poems , the rhymes is touchy. I felt so related with it . . . Keep it on !!!

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      2. Being a loner in real life, I feel writing serves as escapism from my loneliness, because when I write I kind of close my eyes on the outer world in order to connect with my creative side that resides within me. I’m pleased to know that you can relate to my writings. I don’t write to seek appreciation I write in order to connect with lovely people like you, & the respect is mutual I love your works too 🙂

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      3. Your writings are like a flight of imagination really, I was actually thinking if we could collaborate on working a poem together sometime but yea I understand & respect the fact if u wouldn’t want ur creativity to be seen in the same space as mine 😊 but regardless of that I really admire ur writing skills, it’s inspirational to me sometimes

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  1. All of your writing is amazing and beautiful. You write from the heart and I think it takes courage to publicize it, too, since it’s a very personal and kind of puts you in a vulnerable position. But your writing isn’t something you should ever be ashamed of because it’s who you are, and if you’ve written from the heart, then it’s perfect the way it is and I don’t think you should hesitate about showing it to the world or feel unsatisfied and delete it.

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