My Hunger

I opened my empty fridge to see
If there was anything, for my belly.
But there wasn’t, even a grain to eat
So in sadness, I had to retreat.

In despair, I laid on my bed
With helplessness, dribbling in my head.
In darkness, as my sorrow spread
I knew, I had to take a bold step.

Shedding my helplessness, was what I yearned
Respect I knew, I had to earn.
In hunger, as my stomach, continued to burn
Hard way, life’s lessons I began to learn.

My helpless hunger, made me realize
The value of hard-work, in my life.
I took that moment, in my stride
My hunger, became a symbol of my life.

My hunger,now pushes me to my extremes
In agony, sometimes my soul bleeds.
But this hunger, is what defines me
My hunger, is the embodiment of my legacy.

My hunger, drives me to be the best
To seek perfection, I sometimes, get obsessed.
Failure, my hunger, refuses to digest
As it makes me, a cut above the rest.

My hunger, is the driving force of my life
It may consume me, from inside.
But someday this hunger, will make me smile
That day in life, I wouldn’t have to compromise.



Note: There was a phase in my life when one night I opened my fridge & there was nothing for me to eat. I won’t ever forget that night as due to the deprivation of basic needs, a feeling of helplessness had conquered me . I translated the hunger of that night, into a hunger of being capable of supporting my family financially, so that me & my family never have to compromise on any basic needs in life. So this poem tries to highlight the fact that one should have a hunger, a driving force that gives a purpose to their existence.




You: A Painful Illusion (Collaborated with Ana)

You are:

All the things, I can’t have.
All the dreams, I can’t save.
All the troubles, I can’t halve.
All the burdens, under which I cave.

All the horizons, I can never meet.
All the issues, I can’t beat.
All the grudges, I can’t unseat.
All the anger, my mind continues to heat.

All my jewels that, on me can’t shine
All my happiness, that can’t be my smile.
All my melodies, I can’t rhyme
All my love, I can’t call mine.

I can have everything, but why can’t
Everything be you ?
Why can’t I get what I feel is due ?
You had to walk out of my life, right on cue…
Just when I wanted, to start a new
Just when I surrendered, my soul to you…

Turning your back, you’ve left me now
But someday, your ego will bow.
Don’t expect me then, to hold your hand
Don’t  expect me then, to say ‘I understand’.

I bid you goodbye, I bid you farewell
As I withdraw from your satanic spell.
I’ll find someone on whom, I can depend
My broken heart, that special someone will mend.


Note: It hurts when you love someone from the core of your being, just to end up being emotionally victimized by them.It’s a traumatic experience when someone plays with your emotions by projecting a false illusion of love. This poem aims to describe about that same traumatic experience & also tries to emphasize the fact that if someone doesn’t break your heart then you probably wouldn’t understand the value of that special someone who is willing to unconditionally mend your broken heart. I was able to make this poem thanks to my dear friend Ana who collaborated with me on this poem, she is a very talented writer do visit her blog >

Tonight I Can Cry

Within me, I have held my tears
Pretending a fake smile, for years.
But, under the starlight sky
In peace, tonight I can cry.

Carrying, the weight of the world on my shoulder
Even in pain , I didn’t lose my composure
But tonight, tears flow from my eye
In peace, tonight I can cry.

I wipe everyone’s tears
Within me I carry their fears.
But, none witnesses my helplessness, nothing they hear
For I cry alone, when none is near.

I unleash the sorrow, that I had caged
Sky cries with me, it begins to rain.
The raindrops, hide my tears of pain
But scars of sadness still remain, the same.

Shedding tears alone, I realize
People depend on me, I’m their pride.
For their smiles, I can’t afford to cry
So in tonight’s darkness, my tears I hide.

The dawn breaks, sun begins to shine
I wear the crown of thorns, that’s mine.
Wiping tears, for my loved ones, I rise
For my tears, aren’t meant for others’ eyes.


Note: There are times when a person is expected to have a calm head while the rest are loosing theirs.But sometimes, the level of expectations & the weight of responsibilities  is so overwhelming that because of the fact that people look up to that person, the respective person is not in a position to cry even if he/she wants to. So this poem tries to capture the emotional turmoil that some dependable people have to deal with & the self-realization on their part to push through the pain without shedding tears, for their actions would have an impact on the lives of people who look up to him/her.

If you…

With my love, I’ll worship you
For your smile, anything I’ll do.
But if you forget me…
I’ll forget you too.

Like the limitless ocean, my love would be
I’ll keep my heart at your feet.
But stepping over it, if you leave…
I’ll also leave, even if my heart bleeds.

For you, I’ll open my heart’s door
You, I’ll unconditionally adore.
But if my existence, you ignore…
Then from you, I’ll fade away for sure.

But if your heart, will carry my love’s fire
My heart too, shall reignite with desire.
The fragrance of your affection, I shall breathe
My angel, we’d be inseparable for eternity.

My precious, if you let our souls unite
I know, our bond will forever shine.
Our love, shall be like some wine
& it’s taste, will get better with time.


Note: I personally feel that my heart is like a mirror that projects back the emotions & love that it receives from people around me. I personally hate being neglected by the people I love but if they decide to walk out on me, I would erase their existence from my life too. For one-sided bonds are symbols of half love, half life. Be it any bond, the emotions of love & understanding should mutually flow from both sides for the bond to survive the various twists & turns of life.