The Journey

Stepping out, of my home
Drawing away, from my comfort zone.
Out in the night, that’s brutally cold
I embark on my  journey, alone.

Venturing in a territory, of the unknown
With fear seeping, in my bones.
Even my shadow deserts, I’m on my own
I continue to walk, alone.

I don’t know, where this path would lead.
I don’t know, if I’ll end up broken & weak.
I don’t know, if my soul would bleed.
But I know, nothing will stop my marching feet.

Fate may test me, with all it’s might
But I won’t die, without a fight.
Tonight, I step out to make things right
In darkness, I’ll find my inner light.

The ruthless road makes me stumble
In pain sometimes I fall & crumble.
But in agony I’m still humble
Focused on destination, my spirit doesn’t fumble.

The wintry winds howl in my face
My feet begin to ache.
The road challenges me in it’s own way
But I walk, I won’t be swayed.  

Pushing forward in the pain’s embrace
I’ll show the road, of what I’m made.
Breaking my limits, a legacy I’ll create
I’ll show the road, of what I’m made.
Walking on my bleeding feet
I walk, for the journey isn’t complete.
In this journey, many milestones I achieved
Won’t stop, for the journey isn’t complete.   

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Note:- In the journey of life we all walk alone. Be it to professionally grow, overcome an emotional stigma or to conquer a personal objective life presents us with many challenge & sometimes when things don’t go the way we planned, we sometimes doubt the path we are on. It is at this moment, where we must seek the courage from within to believe in our true capability, step on every stone of misery that comes in our way & forge forward towards our goal in life. After all every great journey begins with a single step & some of the toughest journeys lead to some of the most beautiful destinations.    


Bald & Beautiful

Chemicals dribble in my veins
With a smile I withstand the pain.
As I lay in this cancer cubical
I tell myself, “I’m bald, I’m beautiful”.

The doctor says I have a tumor
But I won’t cry like a loser.
Cancer won’t bring me to my knees
For I’m not meant to cry helplessly.  

This disease won’t conquer me
Everyday with this disease, I bravely breathe.
Everyday I celebrate my life’s victory
Cancer can’t destroy me or my legacy.

Even in those depressing nights
In the grim grip of darkness, I will fight.
The darkness won’t extinguish, my inner light
Blissfully bright, like a phoenix I will rise.

Cancer can’t corrupt  love, it’s incorruptible
Cancer can’t break bonds, they’re unbreakable.
Cancer can’t destroy hope, it’s indestructible
& I’m invincible, I’m bald, I’m beautiful. 

Note: I lost my dad to cancer, but I vividly recall that even when my dad was down with cancer himself, he still used to motivate other patients not to give up their fight against cancer.Today being World Cancer Day I hope this poem ignites hope in the heart of anyone whose life has been affected by  cancer in anyway.Please do not quit your battle against cancer. We all our bigger than this disease, it can’t infect our bonds, memories & legacy.