Magnificent Mum

Holding my hand, you taught me to walk
Like a friend, with you I talk.
Expressing your greatness, I run out of words to say
But mum, you are magnificent in your own way.
When confronting my demons, I don’t have a clue
Emotionally, when I’m battered black and blue.
Like a lost puppy, here and there, I follow you
Amidst my darkness, I always look up to you.

In my darkness, you’re my shining light
Motivating me, you say everything’s gonna be alright.
You guide me where I’m wrong, where I’m right
You’re an absolute delight,  you inspire me in my fight.

In you, I see a reflection of me
Flawless like you, I hope to be.
You are a symbol of love & grace
May your lovely smile, never desert your face.

I always thank you, in my prayers
& if you ever feel victimized by despair
I want you to know, that I’m always there
Together, we’ll sail through the dark nightmare.

I love you, to you may I not say
But having you around, I’m thankful everyday.
Expressing your greatness, I run out of words to say
But mum you are magnificent in your own way.


Note: This poem is inspired by the emotions of a friend of mine towards her mother. Hearing the kind of love she possessed towards her mother, made me realize the true value of a mother in a child’s life. So this poem is dedicated to each & every mother across the globe, saluting their unconditional love, selfless sacrifices & never-ending support towards their children. 


My Disability… My Sin ?

Handicapped… behind closed doors
The world, made me feel insecure.
My disability…. made me wonder
What was my sin, what was my blunder?

Perfectly incomplete I was in myself
But you came! my priceless wealth.
Independent, handicapped, I was on my own
But for you, I tried to mold.

Limping, I go down the memory lane
Recalling old times, how my life has changed.
In life’s desert, you were my rain
Now your absence, makes me handicapped again.

Pushing my wheelchair, you had held my hand
On my feet, you made me stand!
In my darkness, you were my light
But you began seeing me as your parasite.

Broken dreams… imagine what we could be
But you changed! you saw me differently.
Your love for me was replaced by hate
As you called our bond a horrible mistake.

How could it be a mistake ?
The belief, that rose me beyond my fate
How could it be a mistake ?
My eyes still yearn seeing your face

All I aspired for was your affection
In you my love I’d seen God’s reflection
The turning of your back, makes me question
Was it my imperfection that caused our separation?

In hope sometimes I wonder
Will you realize?  My disability, isn’t my blunder
For your return I open my house’s door
Now only your absence, makes me insecure.


Note:- Few days back I got to know that a girl broke her bond with my friend only due to the fact that he was “physically challenged”. It made me think why has love been reduced to certain  physical stereotypes ? I mean 6 pack abs doesn’t certify the fact that person is a good lover. Love is about not just getting intoxicated by the mesmerizing features of your loved ones, sometimes I feel love means embracing their imperfections with a smile as well. This is poem is for all those who have had their hearts broken due to their “imperfections”. Everyone is amazing in their own unique way & if at all someone looks down on you due to your imperfection/ disability then you need to realize that they themselves are blind to the greatness that resides within you!


A New Beginning

Amidst her darkness, amidst her fears
A woman walks, wiping her tears.
I see a woman, walk through the dark
Forging forward, with hope in her heart.

 Her enemy was the entire world
She used to silently scream, without a word.
But, no warrior is mightier than this girl
For even in darkness, she’s a shining pearl.

On a new journey, the angel embarks
Tonight, all her demons, she’ll tear apart.
I see a woman, walk through the dark
Forging forward, with purpose in her heart.

On thorns, she walked a thousand miles
Hiding her pain, behind fake smiles.  
For others’ happiness, she didn’t compromise
But her dreams… she sacrificed.

Enough she has sacrificed! Enough she has compromised!
Tonight she’ll smile! Tonight she’ll rise!
I see a woman, overcoming the dark
smiling, with purity pouring from her heart.


Note: Females have been an integral part of my support system in the past few years, they are like ever-flowing rivers of unconditional love. In my dark days, like angels they were my light. Whenever I faced any problems in life, some female in someway (as a friend, mentor or family) was always there to support me with her selfless , caring &  understanding nature. I am aware of  the emotional, personal & social  battles they themselves are engaged in; yet they never deserted me in my darkness. So this ones for my angels who supported me! Although words fail to express the magnitude of my gratitude but, I hope this poem touches your lives, the way you have touched mine.