He was harmless & innocent
Until he faced a diabolical incident.
The responsibility, made his palms sweaty  
Gathering courage he seemed to be ready.

Deep down he was nervous
But brave he was on the outer surface.
Unintentionally somewhere he went wrong
The respect he had earned was all gone.

Contemplating his failure he became numb
Constantly thought about the sin he had done.
Demons danced on the cloud above his head
His hopes seemed to be mercilessly dead.

He was a victim of  immeasurable pain
On his pride the sin was a stain.
The scars of sorrow were there to stay
The pain traumatized him again & again.

His critics were adding fuel to fire
Until he decided to fight fire with fire.
Within him was a beast, that was caged
The negativity made his blood burn with rage.

Helplessly as he found himself alone
Fury of fortitude, enraged his every bone.
Battling his adversity, he didn’t quit
He began the process of his metamorphosis.

Even in depression, he didn’t weep
To seek the fire within, he dug deep
With raw fortitude his being soared
He roared, as the beast was unleashed.

The fire in his lungs everyone could feel
Like a machine he worked without any sleep.
He worked as if he had sold his soul
He burnt with old stigma like a coal.

The beast broke his limits & went berserk
The workaholic was a cerebral genius at work.
Cementing his legacy, through the pain he worked 
Decimating his demons, the beast smirked.

His demons wanted him, as their weeping slave
But now he’s stomping on their graves.   
Life’s wicked symphony, he had embraced
The orchestrator of his own destiny, he became.


Note:- Sometimes in life we need to be one with the depths of the darkness in order to witness the true beauty of the dawn. In this poem, I have talked about a psychological revolution that leads to our evolution. Things tend to go wrong every now & then,  we feel frustrated & helpless, it’s at this crossroad in life when we should channelize the negativity of the situation in a positive way by seeking wisdom from our shattered dreams, learning from our mistakes, working our guts out to attain our dream & awakening our inner beast (positive ego & fortitude) to defend our self-respect & legacy!  





I’ll Be There

Sometimes life hits us in the face
& we wonder what’s our mistake.
That’s when our hope crashes
& our desires burn to ashes.

Dreams decimate, the ones which we had built  
& our self belief gets mercilessly killed.
Destiny plays it’s cruel games
Judgemental people give us names.

In life’s battlefield, you are your own solider
Fighting your demons, you battle with composure.
Battling, for others you set an example
But stuff in life gets tough to handle.

As your miseries continue to grow
That’s when I want you to know.
That I’ll be there to wipe your tears
I’ll be your shield against your fears.

Battling, you may fall down in dirt
Badly wounded & helplessly hurt.
But remember for you I’m always there
& together we’ll overcome any nightmare.

If you breakdown & get depressed
you can rest your head on my chest.
Even in hell if we both have to burn
Won’t leave you alone at any turn.   

In your darkness I’ll be your fire
To make you smile is my desire.
Remember for you I’m always there
& together we’ll overcome any nightmare.


Note: This poem is like a heart felt message for all my followers, friends & family members who might be feeling victimized by some stressful situation in their lives. I know that I might not be able to spend quality time with you guys these days but believe me I’m just a call/ message away. Regardless of how grim the situation might be at your end, I’ll always be there for you. In your darkness I’ll be your light, period ! Feel free to connect with me on my Facebook >

A Child’s Smile

It was a depressing dark night
Tears dribbled, my demons won the fight.
In darkness as I secretly cried
I heard an innocent soul giggle & smile.

A child was playing in the dark
carefree & sinless was his heart.
Amidst the darkness of the night
The boy laughed & smiled bright.
His laughter reminded me of my past
I recalled my childhood, that depleted fast.
Those were days when I had no worries
life was peaceful, blessed with luxuries.

My smile faded away with time
By life’s hardships I was victimized.
Just then the child held my hand
I felt as if my sorrow he understands.

I saw the child’s hopeful smile
There was a blissful twinkle in his eye.
Amidst my depression I realized
The child was a younger reflection of mine.    
Dawn breaks, the sun begins to shine
The child’s smile motivates me to rise.
Fulfilling child’s dream is a duty of mine
Unlike me, on his smile he’ll never compromise.


Note:- I personally feel that dull is the soul of a person who cannot cherish & admire the innocence that oozes out from the smile of a child. Through the medium of this poem I want to convey that every child in his/her own right is a promise for tomorrow & a blessing for today. This poem also aims to highlight the value of mutual respect between younger & older generation.

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