Harbinger of Happiness

Harbinger of Happiness


In life I want to be a king

I don’t aspire luxury or bling.

I want to be a king who conquers hearts

For being someone’s happiness is a glorious art.


Even amidst the unpredictable twists of fate

Happiness for others I aim to generate.

Life isn’t only measured by the breaths we take

It’s also measured by the smiles we create.


Wiping tears of someone in crisis

Giving comfort & joy to them is priceless.

The smiles I create are my treasures

Touching lives gives me pleasure.


 With kindness I give to others

Even strangers are my sisters & brothers.

Some people wonder why I waste my time

But I feel crafting a positive change is worthwhile.


Note:- Life isn’t only about creating comfort & joy for our own self , I personally feel that we should have a sense of compassion towards  others around us as well. Even animals lament on their own miseries, but it’s the vital traits of compassion, sympathy & empathy towards eachother that separates us humans from animals. So this poem aims at glorifying the element compassion for others. Be compassionate to someone around you , be a source of light to them in their dark phases of life.


4 thoughts on “Harbinger of Happiness

    1. Thank you so much for your readership. I’m glad that my poem could connect with you, I started writing poems after quite a while & to get those kind words from you as feedback really means a lot to me. Feel free to read my other writings as well & like, comment or share without any second thoughts because I feel my poems belong to my readers as much as they belong to me 🙂 Thanks again for your heart warming support


  1. Surely will 😊 that’s the beauty of writing I feel I never write with an expectation to receive appreciation for it I write in order to strike a bond with my readers like the way we established. So I’m grateful for that.


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