My Sinful Lover

My Sinful Lover

Waking up from that shattered night
Recalling how I was victimized.
My eyes numb, filled with tears
The memory burns it agonizingly sears.

Heartlessly from me you withdrew
I was mercilessly manipulated by you
My existence got battered black & blue
About your wicked schemes I had no clue.

I’m left alone with my broken dreams
& an aching soul that painfully screams.
You pushed evil to new extremes
With your fake love & diabolical scheme.

I failed to see your satanic smile
I fell for your deceiving eyes.
I believed in your black magic lies
I’m left victimized but now I must rise.

You no longer control this life of mine
Every memory will burn & decay with time.
Tormenting night has ended, the sun will shine
Overcoming the nightmare, now I rise.

Note: I wrote this poem to highlight how the whole concept of love is getting corrupted as the wheel of life carelessly moves on. My heart cries a million tears of blood thinking about how love which ideally is about unification of two souls into one, has transformed into an entity that pertains to lustful desires. It makes me sad how we are taking the emotional aspect of love for granted.



Mermaid & The Sailor

Sailor dreamed about his mermaid in ecstasy
Attaining his magical love was his fantasy.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
Wondering where his mermaid could be.

The world called him a lunatic
But he felt his fantasy was mystic.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
Wondering where his mermaid could be.

For her, he sailed a million miles
Her thought always made him smile.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He explored his mystic fantasy.

Amidst the storms, amidst the menacing waves
For his mermaid’s love the sailor craved.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He desperately yearned for his fantasy.

As sure as the river meets the sea
In her arms he swore he’ll be.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He vowed to fulfill his fantasy.

One night when the stars threw their shining spears
The mystic mythical mermaid gracefully appeared.
She seemed to be the pearl of the sea
She was embodiment of the sailor’s fantasies.

Her aura made the moonlight fade away
That night mermaid’s prime beauty was on display.
The Sailor witnessed that magical moment
Seeking mermaid was his heart-beat’s main component.

When sailor looked into his mermaid’s eyes
The real world seemed false and utter lies.
The sailor had sailed the seven seas
He was one with his soulmate, his ultimate fantasy.


Note: Tried to collaborate the concepts of love & fantasy in this poem of mine. Love certainly  is an important aspect of our lives , in search of true love we stubble & fall. But we shouldn’t loose hope & forge forward in our quest for true love, for a life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruits.


Harbinger of Happiness

Harbinger of Happiness


In life I want to be a king

I don’t aspire luxury or bling.

I want to be a king who conquers hearts

For being someone’s happiness is a glorious art.


Even amidst the unpredictable twists of fate

Happiness for others I aim to generate.

Life isn’t only measured by the breaths we take

It’s also measured by the smiles we create.


Wiping tears of someone in crisis

Giving comfort & joy to them is priceless.

The smiles I create are my treasures

Touching lives gives me pleasure.


 With kindness I give to others

Even strangers are my sisters & brothers.

Some people wonder why I waste my time

But I feel crafting a positive change is worthwhile.


Note:- Life isn’t only about creating comfort & joy for our own self , I personally feel that we should have a sense of compassion towards  others around us as well. Even animals lament on their own miseries, but it’s the vital traits of compassion, sympathy & empathy towards eachother that separates us humans from animals. So this poem aims at glorifying the element compassion for others. Be compassionate to someone around you , be a source of light to them in their dark phases of life.