My Lover’s Lane

Heading back home on the way
I cross my lover’s lane.
As I pass my lover’s lane
Old memories rapidly revolve in my brain.

I recall those nostalgic glorious days
When to see her, I used to crave.
As I pass my lover’s lane
I realize how the times have changed.

 Her lane was once a holy place
Where I’d wait to see my Goddess’ face.
As I pass my lover’s lane
Old memories become fresh again.

My doe eyed angel was a class apart
She’d illuminate blissfully even in the night’s dark.
I used to be in awe of her heavenly grace
My heart would melt with ecstasy seeing her face.

But, my angel had a devil in her heart
A devil that mercilessly tore my soul apart.
Helplessly shattered, I crumbled in my lover’s lane
Since that day I haven’t ever been the same.

Victim of her satanic spell, I still wish her well
I bid her memories & her lane a final farewell.
Old wounds, sting with a fresh pain
As for the last time I cross my lover’s lane.


Note: Yes relationships can be complicated in life & at times they leave us shattered with a feeling of helplessness. In this poem I have used the symbol of lane to express a love bond between two lovers. Through the medium of this poem I just wish to express that when love arrives welcome it with open arms , cherish it to the fullest till the time it lasts, have gratitude towards your lover for sharing those  special moments with you in the past & if things don’t work out wish her/him well & move on with a humble heart.


2 thoughts on “My Lover’s Lane

  1. should be called the victim .. for love even if harsh still lingers as the most prescious of them all purely love ever .. attachment is horrendous when torn but it is attachment love and u describe this type of attachment as continuous still even lines cords mufificaitons smothering life heart and light .. for letting go is the hardest in life yet pain = pleasure if measured love cannot be measured nor judged for it exhists always to go thru oneslef as life n light unconditionally .. ur pain moments prevail bec u rather choose something then none and yet no space for love to be even seen and al around u there to use touch and in each eyes plants animals people yet u hang onto one moment of foucs on pain rather then trust love ur life ur gift of u all within u such a heartflet piece sidharth fables and miraculously not transformed yet but can be now be in the now thanku for ur reminder of one side of a focus one way relationship . when all is possible ur a gift now . the echos r with all thank you .


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