Flawless Females

Flawless Females

This one is for women across the world
For women, whose dreams with time get blurred.
For those who secretly shed tears
For those, whose laughter we seldom hear.

In our lives many roles you play
Your smile can light up even the darkest of days.
Women to you, from my soul I say
You all are flawless in your own way.

Be it a caring mother or a romantic lover
Ways of giving love, you somehow discover.
That’s why in my heart I always wonder
Why must alone, you always suffer.

Never shed tears alone you graceful girls
For your tears are precious diamonds & pearls.
You deserve to be treated with respect
Admired & appreciated for your every aspect.

May your aspirations never get blurred
May your requests never go unheard.
May your glorious smiles eternally shine
For you all are flawlessly divine.


Note: – Women well & truly are like  ever-flowing rivers of selfless love. In life women play various roles be it as a sister, mentor , friend , lover or a mother, regardless of their roles one thing that always oozes out of a female’s heart is the purity of her selfless love & concern towards people around her.  This poem aims at making women realize how flawlessly blissful they really are  & the fact that the society shouldn’t take this  selfless love of females for granted. The society must respect women for who they are & the kind of various roles they play in our daily lives.


My Lover’s Lane

Heading back home on the way
I cross my lover’s lane.
As I pass my lover’s lane
Old memories rapidly revolve in my brain.

I recall those nostalgic glorious days
When to see her, I used to crave.
As I pass my lover’s lane
I realize how the times have changed.

 Her lane was once a holy place
Where I’d wait to see my Goddess’ face.
As I pass my lover’s lane
Old memories become fresh again.

My doe eyed angel was a class apart
She’d illuminate blissfully even in the night’s dark.
I used to be in awe of her heavenly grace
My heart would melt with ecstasy seeing her face.

But, my angel had a devil in her heart
A devil that mercilessly tore my soul apart.
Helplessly shattered, I crumbled in my lover’s lane
Since that day I haven’t ever been the same.

Victim of her satanic spell, I still wish her well
I bid her memories & her lane a final farewell.
Old wounds, sting with a fresh pain
As for the last time I cross my lover’s lane.


Note: Yes relationships can be complicated in life & at times they leave us shattered with a feeling of helplessness. In this poem I have used the symbol of lane to express a love bond between two lovers. Through the medium of this poem I just wish to express that when love arrives welcome it with open arms , cherish it to the fullest till the time it lasts, have gratitude towards your lover for sharing those  special moments with you in the past & if things don’t work out wish her/him well & move on with a humble heart.



In someone’s darkness, I’ll be their light
Embodiment of hope, shinning blissfully bright.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.

I’ll lend my shoulder to someone’s helpless cry
To reduce their agony, I’ll sincerely try.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.
In depression, I’ll offer them my helping hand
Even in hell with them I’ll stand.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.

I’ll wipe the burning bitter tears from their face
I’ll hold them in my caring embrace.
In their sadness, I’ll give them a reason to smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life. 

Materialistic morons, measure richness through cash & cars
While I measure it based on kindness of our hearts.
With kindness, be a miracle in someone’s life
Gift the crying, A smile as big as river Nile.



Note: We all beg for miracles every now & then, but a miracle in my estimation isn’t some illusive power coming to our rescue, emerging out from the heavens. A miracle can even be a small act of humanity. Filling a depressed heart with an optimistic hope, that is a miracle! Wiping tears & making a depressed person smile, that is a miracle! In this materialistic world, valuing the happiness of others over your own happiness, that is a miracle! So this poem aims to inspire my readers by capturing the key elements of humanity. Try & be someone’s miracle, rather than begging for a miracle for your own self  I assure you by doing so this world would be a better place to live 🙂  


A Woman’s Tears

Through all those shattered nights
She was a victim of diabolical fights.  
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Tears rapidly dribble down her face
Yet she carries herself with dignity & grace.
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Her tears are, her messages from the soul
The horrors of her past & pain untold.
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Every now & then her heart’s hope dies
& her despair seems to be immortalized.
Yet for her loved ones, she decides to rise
Secretly drinks her tears & for them she smiles.

Shedding tears, doesn’t mean she is weak
Survivor she is, her bravery is mystique.
I see a woman wipe her tears
the braveheart gears up, to battle her fears.

Someday society would treat her with respect
Someday society would admire her selfless aspect.
That day with joy, her eyes would have tears
when she won’t be alone in battling her fears.

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Note:- A woman’s tears say more than words can ever express. Females hide their own misery in order to be the harbingers of happiness in the lives of people around them. The fact that a woman cries alone doesn’t mean that she is weak or helpless, it basically means that she doesn’t want the negativity of her personal miseries to have an impact on the happiness of others around her.This poem of mine glorifies the selfless nature of a woman & hopes to inspire my readers to respect females from all walks of life.