A message for Mum

Holding my hand you taught me how to walk,
Always took out time for my nonsensical talks.
In my bad times, you supported me
Raised me up to more than I could be.

You’re the heart beat of my heart,
A masterpiece of God’s graceful art
Your presence gives a sense of security
I’m blessed with your love, that has purity.

You are mellow & gentle, like a dove
You’re the embodiment of unconditional love.
All elements of my existence revolve around you
I know, I’d be incomplete without you.

Your blessings are my priceless treasure
A treasure, whose value none can ever measure.
My mother, my friend you are flawless divine
May your personality continue to blossom with time.



Note:- A bond between a mother & her child is one of the most purest forms of love. So on my mum’s birthday I wrote this poem for her to make her realize as to what she really means to me. Saluting all mothers across the globe for their unconditional love towards their children.   


6 thoughts on “A message for Mum

  1. most beautiful sid most beautiful in pure love for unconditional love is the highest in myeyes usee and to u this is so kind in heart body mind spitit … for they say how u see ur mom u will treat ur own wife n daughters i only hope this comes true for the gentlest vulnerable are strong .. hugs and love to both of u .. thanku for ur continued effort of writing and showing revealing for all the world to share. hugsz aahlin lidna


  2. This one saddened me just a little. During the last 55 years I have had extreme opportunity to fracture the bond between my mom and me. As you say it is the purest of love, and she has always found a way to forgive me and embrace me in spite of myself. And I have had similar experiences with my own children. Its the circle of life and I thank you for pointing it out.


    1. I lost my dad to cancer around 2 years back even though he is in a different world now but I still feel his guiding hand on my shoulder… I don’t want to bore you with my story but just want to convey the fact that distance can’t separate us from the element of our respective parents for we are an extension of their existence, a part of them will always reside within us no matter what happens 😊


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