A Rebel’s Rhyme

Running wild, running free
Breaking rigid rules of the society.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I hear a woman’s silent cry
I see a child’s dreams crumble & die.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I feel the agony of the poor, weak
& of helpless victims of society’s stern critique.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I’m a living, breathing symbol of revolt
An ideology that refuses to die or get old.
Against unjust I have the courage to say ‘no’
With time, my voice’s magnitude will grow.

I don’t need weapons in this fight
I’ll raise my voice to fight for my right.
Against our oppressors, as I wage a war
Even the deaf, will hear my revolutionary roar.

So join me & hold my hand  
With me, take a bold stand.
We are rebels at heart
Together our revolution, will now start.


Note: There is a rebel in everyone of us, a rebel that hates the double standard & hypocrisy of the society. There are various social factors that manipulate & deprive us, from our own rights. This poem aims to bring out that hidden rebel within us, who isn’t afraid to spark a revolution for a right cause & if need be isn’t afraid to walk alone if others don’t join in. Lastly would  just like to add that we all need a psychological revolution to force a positive change in the society. We don’t need violence to prove our point, we need a sense of unity & brotherhood amongst ourselves to generate this positive change in our society.


A Bleeding Rose

A bleeding rose grows in my heart
As from my life, you depart.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
while your love towards me, is dead.

I’m a helpless victim of my darkest fears
Still I value your smile, more than my tears.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
while your love towards me, is dead.

My bleeding rose shall grow in your memory
From shackles of my love you’re free.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
While your love towards me, is dead.

The thorns of the rose pierce my soul
In life as I am left all alone
In my hands the bleeding rose, I  hold
Blood flows to express the pain untold

Inseparable we were , yet now we part
Wish you’re happy as you make a new start.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
While your love towards me, is dead.

With my bleeding rose for you I’ll wait
For your return in my life, my soulmate.
Then my rose won’t be bloody red
Then your love towards me, won’t be dead.  


Note: Yes relationships are complicated but sometimes in a bond ‘letting go’ is as important as ‘standing by’, for love can’t measure it’s own depth until the moment of separation arrives. So this poem aims at highlighting the aspect of giving space in a bond & if need be accepting the separation with a humble heart. Rather than emotionally dramatizing the whole situation. 



A message for Mum

Holding my hand you taught me how to walk,
Always took out time for my nonsensical talks.
In my bad times, you supported me
Raised me up to more than I could be.

You’re the heart beat of my heart,
A masterpiece of God’s graceful art
Your presence gives a sense of security
I’m blessed with your love, that has purity.

You are mellow & gentle, like a dove
You’re the embodiment of unconditional love.
All elements of my existence revolve around you
I know, I’d be incomplete without you.

Your blessings are my priceless treasure
A treasure, whose value none can ever measure.
My mother, my friend you are flawless divine
May your personality continue to blossom with time.



Note:- A bond between a mother & her child is one of the most purest forms of love. So on my mum’s birthday I wrote this poem for her to make her realize as to what she really means to me. Saluting all mothers across the globe for their unconditional love towards their children.   

Lone Heart’s Lullaby


I sit in the coldest corner of the room
As loneliness corrupts my life’s bloom.
My shadow is my lone friend
Haunted  by loneliness this nightmare won’t end.

I once had a life full of zeal
But now it’s just a past memory.
Now my life is a diabolical curse
A living nightmare, that just gets worse.

In my darkness, I am my own prisoner
People still consider me as a social sinner.
Out of insecurity, to people I used to cling
They vanished, but the fear of losing them didn’t.

Lone warrior I am, confronting my fears
Forging forward, with my burning tears.
Amidst this personal darkness of mine
Like a burning, bright star I will shine.
I know, I’m not perfect for this world
but why should my existence be blurred.
come hell or high waters, I will fight
overpowering darkness, my inner light will rise.


Note:- Being a loner myself in the past, somewhere down the line my life was driven by an insecurity of loosing out on the people I love. Like the seasons those loved ones changed as well , they vanished from my life but even they parted, a memory of theirs lingered within me. They went out of my life, but the fear of loosing them didn’t. So this poem is from the point of view of a loner, it deals with the psychology of a loner, his outlook to life & his self awakening to the fact that our life isn’t driven by people around us. What drives a person’s life is his/her will power to overcome the darkness of his/her regardless of how hostile the situation might be.