I won’t Forget….

You screamed & shouted at me
But couldn’t answer my questioning eyes.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your cold words were daggers to my heart
You smiled, as my soul was torn apart.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your words bruised my pride, black & blue
Helplessly broken, I was victimized by you.
I won’t forget the way you smiled
I won’t forget the way I cried.  

I won’t forget that night’s thunderstorm
I won’t forget how our bond was deformed
I won’t forget how I begged on my knees
I won’t forget the way you left me.

Now from my life, as you depart
I won’t forget how you broke my heart.
With my broken heart I shall rise
I’ll overcome the memory of that shattered night.

With someone else, my life shall restart
Someone who values my bleeding heart.
Someone who cares for me & won’t depart
Someone who won’t forget to mend my broken heart.


Note: Every now & then we have those relationships that emotionally paralyses us to our core, the separation in such bonds can cause a pain that lasts for years & doesn’t seem to heal with time. Yes the concept of break-up & separation from loved ones is tough but we all need to move forward in life, after all if we don’t encounter someone who breaks our heart, then how could we ever meet that special someone who could mend it. 



7 thoughts on “I won’t Forget….

  1. i really like this poem! especially the way you tied it together with “shattered night”. my only correction (for a future poem) would be to write specifically, rather than generally. this poem is already so powerful, but it would hit me harder if you incorporated personal details. something more vulnerable 🙂 i hope this helps you!

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    1. I really respect the honesty of your feedback thanks I’ll surely imply this in the future, I think my latest poem my superhero dad might meet your expectation of highlighting a personal aspect of the bond that I shared with my father. Honestly speaking I felt the same that something personal should be highlighted but I guess in this poem I emphasized more on the emotional aspect of the situation so that anyone going through a similar emotional turmoil could put themselves in the position & freely connect with poem, I really do respect your feedback & will surely try & incorporate the same in the future. Thanks for providing me your valuable feedback & taking out the time to read this poem 💙😊

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