Song of Unity

Society says I’m different from you
But I don’t think that’s true.
We are the citizens of the same world,
Why should our mutual respect be blurred?

The color of your blood is same as mine
Between us, why does the society draw a line?
Wisdom shall prevail in the realm of time,
Unity in our diversity is a dream of mine.

We share the same breath of air
Yet social divisions make us pull eachother’s hair.
In my humble heart I have a prayer
That someday for eachother’s well-being we shall care.


Note:  My heart bleeds seeing the kind of violence that is generated in our world these days. Through the medium of this poem I aim to express the fact that we all need to respect everyone’s element of diversity & try to understand their point of view as well. Don’t raise your hands to hurt someone & give tears to them instead,  raise your hands to wipe the tears of someone in pain. 




6 thoughts on “Song of Unity

    1. Thank you so much glad that my poem was in sync with your thoughts. When I write, I write in order to connect with my readers, thanks for following me please do have a look at my other posts too according to ur convenience. Would love to know what u think about them. Thanks again for your kind words and support for my writing 😊

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      1. You’re welcome and they mostly did sync with my thoughts… and it’s always good to write to connect with your readers and I will look into the other post of yours and I will be glad to give feedback on the other one’s as well… 😃

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      2. I’m indebted to your kindness 😊 feel free to express ur honest viewpoint. My blog belongs to my readers as much as it belongs to me, for I write not in search for appreciation I write to strike a bond with my readers & other people in general 😊

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