A message for Dad

The world divides history into 2 phases BC & AD, but when my dad passed away that day marked a new division time for me, it was the time when I felt like a victim of helplessness while cancer consumed & took away my dad from me. With Father’s day approaching close I dedicate this poem to my dad, for some bonds are incorruptible & outlast the dimension of time, not even death can corrupt the kind of affection & respect I have for my dad. 


A message for Dad

Here at your grave, I shed tears
All alone confronting my fears.
Even in sadness, you ignited joy
You were always there to support your boy.

You wiped the tears from my eyes
Told me to be brave & never cry.
Like a phoenix you told me to rise
Gave me strength as you bid goodbye.

Adversities may batter me black & blue
But I know I’m a part of you.
I’m the extension of your legacy
To test my capability I dare destiny.

In life your blessings are my greatest treasure
Thinking about your legacy gives me pleasure.
Your presence is always there in my heart
Even death can’t keep our souls apart.



4 thoughts on “A message for Dad

  1. This gave me goosebumps.
    A wonderful piece.
    I too lost my father to an illness (in 2013) and I still struggle with the loss of him. Those last few lines speak to me as his presence is always in my heart, and I feel his soul with me more often then not. We were so alike and I miss him terribly but I like to think he is right here with me, always watching over my shoulder…. well, almost always 😉
    Thank you for this post ❤

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    1. I’m extremely sorry for loss, but personally I feel that human bonds are divine connections in the realm of time souls of loved ones transcends and unites with us in a mystic way. So me being someone who can empathize with your pain would just like to say that you are the successor of your father’s great legacy don’t be sad for you are an extension of his existence, he lives through your smile. So carry forward his legacy with a smile like the way I carry my dad’s legacy coz they both would be watching us from above 🙂 Please feel free to talk to me whenever you miss your father, would be happily willing to listen to you and emotionally support you if need be.

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