A Hopeful Heart

There comes a time when everyone feels a bit lonely & yearns for that special someone in their life, who could light up their lives. So this poem highlights that hope for that special someone. 

A Hopeful Heart

Forgotten by the world, I here sit alone
With my heart motionless like a stone.
My isolated heart  has an ambition
To be at your feet is it’s sole mission.

Someday to be yours’, it aspires
To be loved by you is what it desires
As sure as the river meets the sea
Someday in your arms my heart shall be.

That glorious moment fate shall dictate
Till that day my heart shall wait.
My isolated heart beats again, in your memory
Thinking that our union shall be something exemplary.

mans cupped hands showing red heart


3 thoughts on “A Hopeful Heart

  1. Hello there! Just stopping by to say I really love your writing – it moves me in ways I cannot fathom and I’m in awe that you are able to put such profound thoughts into words. If you have the time, it would be immensely helpful if you could check out my prose blog: https://andtheriverfelltosleep.wordpress.com/. Would love to get some comments/feedback from you on my latest post. If you would like some feedback from me too, do sound it out! Thank you so much and have a great day/night/wherever it is in the world for you right now (: Sending you love xx


    1. Hi thank you for your kind words, i’m glad you liked my poem feel free to read my other works as well , i look forward to your feedbacks on them & thanks for sharing the link to ur blog will surely go through it 🙂


  2. i have read this numerous times and each i find i realize a spiritual quality to this yet ….> i feel sadness for u as u wait instead of; living HMMMM u wait for this acknowledgment for this identity for this feeling or hope of acknowledge exhistence of u inside of u .pride is that ego OF TOMORROWLAND ? what of all of u . i wonder if u have or can listen inside of u and realize it is NOW .. for this LOVE is beaming a tower of spiritual wonder of all things inside and reflects outside ./ / ..WAKEY for cherishing the love of u inside outside in all thingsLOVE IS EVER and cherish now yourself .. .. for to be SIDHARTH FABLES ahhh but u r .. u were born before and now :> so u have birthed ur stories ur fables for you .NOW yes we are the wiitness ” thankyou for sharing always . most kind to share thanks. most kind to reveal .. urself with urself . For we cherish this . the hardest is u to cherish u . i hope u do . see urself in the mirror and BEGIN NOW this wonder of gifts ..of YOU i am smiling . With humbled smiles i thankyou.once again.


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