Immortal Love

In this poem I have used grave as a symbol of separation , an entity that is used to highlight the end of the bond. Sometimes a relationship that is based on pure love outlasts the dimension of time. The people in that relationship are eternally inseparable , even if by some reason the bond ends, the feelings & emotions still instills/ lingers within the hearts of those people. It is in the sweet moments & memories that they shared, that the bond shall still be alive even prior to the separation.


Immortal Love

I stand here on your grave
lonely in life, but trying to be brave.
Amidst all the agony & pain
a memory of our bond shall still remain .

Our bond was a victim of fate’s treachery
but my love for you is an immortal memory.
Your love shall always live within me
& time can’t measure my love for u accurately.

You may be in a different world now
but I still connect with your soul somehow.
Our bond won’t  corrupt with time
eternally I am yours’ & you are mine.    immortal_love_by_la_chapeliere_folle-d4x6qrb.jpg


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