My Creativity, My Child

Creativity is an integral part of a creative person’s  existence he/she uses it to craft magic. The person’s creative product is like a child of his/ her creative imagination. The creative product defines the creative person  yet there comes a time when he/she has to part away from it & let the society  make it’s decision regarding that piece of creativity. This poem tries to highlight the paradox which a creative person might face, he/she may put his/her soul into it yet at the end of the day it may never completely belong to them.

My Creativity, My Child

I crafted you with my creativity
molded you to the best of my ability.
you are the fire of my inner desire
the manifestation of what I aspire.

I made you from the emotions of my heart.
You’re a fragment of my soul, my flawless art.
Yet from you I must draw apart
this is how far, our bond shall last.

I must part from you somehow,
as you belong to the society now.
The society shall decide your fate
it may consider you trash or something great.

People won’t understand the value of our bond
with negativity to us, they might respond.
Accepting your flaws i must move on
so that in a new form you are reborn.



One thought on “My Creativity, My Child

  1. verylogical very feeling and yet the core to let it go that transformation is vry deep within.. nice to speak of this every artist knows this whether poem art board or music or dance shadow puppets animations videos all the above . from etheric to geomtric physical to letting go thru u . transformations is even an art .. nice. descriptions.. of this process.. sidharth. thanks.

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