A Beautiful Bond

There is a saying a that a life without love is like a tree without  blossoms or fruits. This poem highlights the true essence of love between a girl & boy . It aims to highlight the fact that love should be unconditional & should be reciprocated for it to bloom in it’s prime.

A Beautiful Bond

“Would you leave me ?” she asked out of insecurity
“No” he said with devotion & utmost purity.
“You are the heart beat of my heart
From you i can never stay far apart.”

“But I’m a normal girl” she said
Nothing special about me she thought in her head.
He replied, “If you saw yourself from my eyes
You’d know the true beauty within you that lies.”

“What’s it about me that you love ?” she asked
“It’s your personality” he replied fast.
“You taught me the value of love
You are my soulmate, my darling dove.”

The girl embraced the boy with affection
As their bond bloomed into a beautiful relation.
Holding hands, they enjoyed the sunset
As they realized, love was their biggest asset.







5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Bond

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂 you know they say a person values something that he/she is deprived of in life i wasn’t lucky when it came to the game if love in life so thought of writing a poem that seized & captured my understanding of a magical love bond. Glad you liked my poem 🙂


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