Song of a Clown

Note:- There was a time in my life when I felt that this world was a circus, I was the clown in it & fate mocked at my misery. But yet regardless of the storm of sorrow raging within me, I tried my best to make people around me happy because I valued their happiness more than my own pain. This poem deals with the importance of generating smiles & seeking pleasure in someone else’s  happiness.


Song of a Clown

With a smile on my face
I doddle around with grace.
To people I’m a lunatic clown
On me, some get angry & they frown.

They’re oblivious to my method of madness
as I spread smiles & decrease their sadness.
More than I take, I aim to give
spreading smiles is, for what I live.

I step on various miseries of mine
As their smiles to me are priceless & divine.
Being regarded a joker I don’t mind
As long as people continue to laugh & smile.






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