My Father, My Friend

Note:- I lost my dad to cancer. He was my pillar of strength, with him around I always had this sense of security that no matter how big the problem might be nothing could possibly go wrong. Although he might not be physically present with me now, I still feel his guiding hand on my shoulder.  Today being his birthday I dedicate this poem to him & the values he stood for in his lifetime.

My Father, My Friend

Holding my hand you taught me to walk

Patiently listened whenever I wanted to talk.

You embraced me whenever I was scared

For my happiness you always cared.


More than a father you were my friend

& your love for me knew no end.

You were there to wipe all my tears

Motivated me to fearlessly confront my fears.


You were a man of principle

Your will power was invincible.

You knew how to smile even in pain

Never got jealous of someone else’s gain.


Someday I hope to be great like you

Honest, hardworking & having strong moral values.

You might not be close to me now

But In respect for you, I bow.




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