My Creativity, My Child

Creativity is an integral part of a creative person’s  existence he/she uses it to craft magic. The person’s creative product is like a child of his/ her creative imagination. The creative product defines the creative person  yet there comes a time when he/she has to part away from it & let the society  make it’s decision regarding that piece of creativity. This poem tries to highlight the paradox which a creative person might face, he/she may put his/her soul into it yet at the end of the day it may never completely belong to them.

My Creativity, My Child

I crafted you with my creativity
molded you to the best of my ability.
you are the fire of my inner desire
the manifestation of what I aspire.

I made you from the emotions of my heart.
You’re a fragment of my soul, my flawless art.
Yet from you I must draw apart
this is how far, our bond shall last.

I must part from you somehow,
as you belong to the society now.
The society shall decide your fate
it may consider you trash or something great.

People won’t understand the value of our bond
with negativity to us, they might respond.
Accepting your flaws i must move on
so that in a new form you are reborn.



A Beautiful Bond

There is a saying a that a life without love is like a tree without  blossoms or fruits. This poem highlights the true essence of love between a girl & boy . It aims to highlight the fact that love should be unconditional & should be reciprocated for it to bloom in it’s prime.

A Beautiful Bond

“Would you leave me ?” she asked out of insecurity
“No” he said with devotion & utmost purity.
“You are the heart beat of my heart
From you i can never stay far apart.”

“But I’m a normal girl” she said
Nothing special about me she thought in her head.
He replied, “If you saw yourself from my eyes
You’d know the true beauty within you that lies.”

“What’s it about me that you love ?” she asked
“It’s your personality” he replied fast.
“You taught me the value of love
You are my soulmate, my darling dove.”

The girl embraced the boy with affection
As their bond bloomed into a beautiful relation.
Holding hands, they enjoyed the sunset
As they realized, love was their biggest asset.






Song of a Clown

Note:- There was a time in my life when I felt that this world was a circus, I was the clown in it & fate mocked at my misery. But yet regardless of the storm of sorrow raging within me, I tried my best to make people around me happy because I valued their happiness more than my own pain. This poem deals with the importance of generating smiles & seeking pleasure in someone else’s  happiness.


Song of a Clown

With a smile on my face
I doddle around with grace.
To people I’m a lunatic clown
On me, some get angry & they frown.

They’re oblivious to my method of madness
as I spread smiles & decrease their sadness.
More than I take, I aim to give
spreading smiles is, for what I live.

I step on various miseries of mine
As their smiles to me are priceless & divine.
Being regarded a joker I don’t mind
As long as people continue to laugh & smile.





My Father, My Friend

Note:- I lost my dad to cancer. He was my pillar of strength, with him around I always had this sense of security that no matter how big the problem might be nothing could possibly go wrong. Although he might not be physically present with me now, I still feel his guiding hand on my shoulder.  Today being his birthday I dedicate this poem to him & the values he stood for in his lifetime.

My Father, My Friend

Holding my hand you taught me to walk

Patiently listened whenever I wanted to talk.

You embraced me whenever I was scared

For my happiness you always cared.


More than a father you were my friend

& your love for me knew no end.

You were there to wipe all my tears

Motivated me to fearlessly confront my fears.


You were a man of principle

Your will power was invincible.

You knew how to smile even in pain

Never got jealous of someone else’s gain.


Someday I hope to be great like you

Honest, hardworking & having strong moral values.

You might not be close to me now

But In respect for you, I bow.



Tomb of My Dreams

Tomb of my dreams is a symbol of depression & agony that settles in when our dreams & aspirations are broken by the wicked vicissitudes of life. Demons/devils are the fears & hardships that constantly try to harm us in some way or the other. We must not give up in life & let the depression take over so that it dictates it’s terms to us, instead we must move forward accepting whatever life has to throw at us with open arms & a smile on our face, because we all are greater than our hardships in life.

Tomb of My Dreams

Life opened my eyes to it’s brutality,

As my dreams were crushed by reality.

My heart was once filled with dreams,

Now it’s haunted by their helpless screams.


I sit here in the tomb of my dreams,

As devils and demons fly above me.

My soul cries tears of blood,

As my dreams are buried in mud.


My dreams were murdered by my fate,

But one day they shall reincarnate.

On the grave of my dreams I shall wait,

For their resurrection which I’ll someday celebrate.


In life we fall, we rise,

Sometimes we die a bit inside.

We must take hardships in our stride,

So that our existence is justified.


Although the night is deadly dark,

In darkness shines the brightest star.

Tomb of my dreams gave me a scar,

But with a new dream on my journey I’ll embark.