My Angel

Through my poem I wish to emphasize the fact that love can infuse limitless optimism in a depressed person’s heart , thus enabling him/her to overcome his/her depression in a very splendid way. In this poem I have aimed at glorifying love & present it as a source from where optimism overwhelmingly originates.



 My Angel


In depression, I went to pray

earth got an angel that day.

As she descended on the ground,

she sprouted purity all around.


When we met face to face,

I realized she possessed eternal grace.

As she gently wiped my tears,

depression vanished, so did my fears.


She’s the answer to prayer

who came to decimate my despair.

With her I experience immeasurable bliss 

I’m delighted that she’s my granted wish.


Our First meeting was something divine,

while our souls mutually combined,

I proudly proclaim that she’s mine,

together may our names forever shine. 



4 thoughts on “My Angel

  1. an so u know by thought feeling seeing hearing waves of light .. yes transforms always for u n you have come to know so much and by sharing even more so . .. and extend ur own wings for all to learn n feel now .. for ur instructions and sharing is not only poetic prophetic and of course prodigious .. thnks.

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  2. one more thing .. love is ever … and im glad u opened yours. and so many to share may open too. i hope u show the effect affects of this ongoing . thankyou sidharth fables.


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