Introduction:- I wrote this poem when my dad was on his death bed terminally ill with cancer. For a person in depression or for someone who is suicidal in nature , death seems to be a way on the basis of which his/her eternal sufferings can come to an end. So I have written this poem from the point of view of a depressed person who glorifies death. After all life is a mere illusion, while death is the harsh inescapable truth of every mortal’s life.


Descending from your deadly flight

I see you glide at night.

You slither like a venomous snake

whose prey has nowhere to escape.

In your divine deadly beauty

You coldly conduct your sorrowful duty.


Oh bosom friend of depression,

who makes souls go in isolation

you show us the path to hell & salvation.

Free me of my sufferings dear,

patiently in agony I’m waiting here.

Envelope my soul in your embrace,

Smother my body with tender grace.


In your arms, take me to a place

where my soul would be safe.

My pain grows day by day,

In this wicked world I don’t wish to stay

where at my sufferings people mock & play

my pain crosses all limits , I can’t bear,

while people continue to laugh & stare. 


3 thoughts on “ODE TO DEATH

    1. I’m deeply humbled by the generosity of your feedback, I’m exalted that you think that way about my poems. Just waiting to add more versatility to my writing and maybe then in the future I might get some of them published, till then I use my blog as a canvas to draw & craft my thoughts & connect with people with my rhymes 😊. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my poems 💙

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