Song Of The Phoenix

Introduction : I had to quit my job for which I worked with my whole heart &  soul.  I was depressed &  the negative judgemental  comments from people around me just added salt to my wounded self esteem.  In this tough phase of my life I came across the figure of  phoenix which to me is a symbol of eternal hope. My poem talks about the rising of the phoenix from the ashes of misery, I have tried to connect the process of rise of the phoenix with a person who is trying to overcome  &  rise above his/her own problems in life. I hope through the medium of my poem the mystic figure of phoenix is able to infuse positivity in the lives of my readers.


Dawn breaks through the dark,
igniting a divine fire in my heart.
The scars of sadness are engraved on my soul,
I review my stigmas & depression untold.
Recalling all my past fears,
makes my eyes drench with tears.

Keeping an unvanquished spirit in my heart,
I evolve &  reincarnate as a mystic art.
I take the negativity in my stride, 
spreading my wings wide, I begin to glide.
I rise from the ashes of despair,
Exhibiting my prime glory I fly with flair.

To the past negativity I have gratitude,
as I continue to fly forward with a positive attitude.
Not just the phoenix but mortals too should realize
when people criticize &  the world despise. 
Then in life we must die a bit inside, 
so that we are reborn stronger &  we rise.



2 thoughts on “Song Of The Phoenix

  1. quite dramatic i do undrstand transforma tion thus if u felt this so glad u decidedto rise maybe u need to .. now .. transform totally and rise for in actions one moment is eternity .. .. js. thanks for sharing. . now be the phoeniz .
    for what u want n will so be comes al of u


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